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Artis Oval Brush Dupe from EBay

If you're a complete makeup junkie like I am, you'll will have seen these odd looking brushes floating around in the blogosphere for quite a while now, and probably also discovered just how "bloody expensive" a set of these would cost you if you were to buy from designer brush brand Artis. Despite the fact that they can be purchased separately, a large foundation brush similar to the one I have would still set you back around £40!!! Still too expensive? Don't fret my friends, as I have something that's much more purse friendly to show you, and one that's not going to force you to take out a second mortgage! 

What is this brush used for?

But first! I'll just briefly explain for those of you who are still sitting there "scratching your head", wondering what the hell this is? Yes, it does look like some sort of toothbrush or hairbrush doesn't it?! Well, believe it or not, it's the latest tool to apply your foundation, and due to the densely packed, super soft bristles, the finish is meant to be more flawless than ever! 

Where it was Purchased 

Like I just mentioned, these, including a lot dupes have been knocking around for a while now. So me being me, the exquisiteness got the better and decided to order this one from Ebay costing as little a £3.00. They come in choice of finishes, all black which I think was slightly cheaper, Silver, Gold and the Rose Gold which is what I bought, although it looks more gold in the picture. These are delivered free of charge from China/Hong Kong and unless you already know the drill when it comes to ordering from these parts of the world, delivery takes about 2-3wks, which certainly isn't the end of the world when you consider what you pay for. 

I'm sorry, I really can't give you a true comparison between Artis and the EBay dupe as I don't own any brushes from Artis. However, on a recent trip to Space NK, I managed to have a good look at these, and soon realised how luxurious the bristles felt and the handle is made of stronger material. They really do look beautiful! I'll leave a link so you can have a browse direct from their website. 

Overall thoughts

Because it was so cheap, I was expecting it to be delivered in a cellophane wrapper. So the fact it arrived in a box was a really nice surprise. First impressions was I thought the rose gold effect looked rather pretty! Even if the brush was to prove to be rubbish I'd certainly use this as a prop for my blog photos. I've never seen so many bristles in one brush that are so densely packed and felt super soft. Not scratchy at all; absolutely phenomenal for what I paid for, I couldn't have been happier with my purchase! 

I applied my foundation in a downward, slightly outward strokes as instructed on EBay, and was "really impressed" with the result. The finish, I think, is the best I have ever seen! My foundation looked so even and was absolutely flawless. No joke! I find it best to dot foundation on the face first using my fingers before blending outwards using the brush. Because of the density of the brush, no foundation is sucked in and is able to travel down the side of the bristles, so you actually end up using less foundation which is fab! 

I tested it out with various different types of foundations: from the thicker texture of Tarte Amazonian Clay to the more lightweight types of Make Up For Ever Ultra HD and Maybelline Fit Me, and it still looked good! Because of the size of the head, it's a little tricky to apply under the eye area. But I just angled the brush slightly on its side so it was able to reach underneath, although there are smaller types available from EBay should you need them. 

My only concern with this is the strength of the handle as it's made of lightweight plastic, especially the narrow part towards the head, as when you apply, you are kind of pushing the brush onto your face, but ever so lightly! Because of this, I feel over time this may weaken and eventually snap! I just hold the brush with the first finger resting on the head which helps to guide movement and give control. 

Have your purchased any of these dupes? Do you own any from Artis? What do you think? 

                                                                        Toni. xoxo



  1. These look amazing! And for a price of £3, I most definitely have to get myself one...

    1. I couldn't believe my eyes! And so cheap! xx

  2. Wow, this sounds fantastic & at a brilliant price! I've been curious about the Artis brushes so might pick one of these up! xx

    Beautylymin| Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Giveaway

  3. Amazing post, I've been looking for a dupe for the Artis brush!! X
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

  4. I have so many gripes with these toothbrush/hairbrush brushes lol! I think the issue is, as you mention, the quality of the handle...for me its not strong enough to deal with the pressure I need to use it to blend properly. Anyway, this is the prettiest version non-designer version I've seen. And yes, the fact that it came in a! xxx

    Sal | UmmBaby Beauty


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