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Great Bronzers To Help You Bronze And Glow!

Betty-Lou Manizer, Nyx Matte Bronzer, Thebalm Bahama Mama,Wet nWild Reserve Your Cabana, Too Faced Endless Summer Bronzer

Betty-Lou Manizer, Nyx Matte Bronzer, Thebalm Bahama Mama,Wet nWild Reserve Your Cabana, Too Faced Endless Summer Bronzer

Clockwise: TheBalm-Betty-Lou Manizer, Nyx-Matte Bronzer, Too Faced -Endless Summer, 
TheBalm- Bahama Mama, Wet n Wild -Reserve Your Cabana

It's officially Summer! Which can only mean one thing; it's time to whip out those bronzers! Although you would have to agree, most of us tend to use these all year round. I've decided to give the contouring trend a back seat for a little while and embrace the bronze, plus, dabble in bit of sun stripping, which should help to give the ole boat race that much-needed Sunkist look.

I know, there are tons of cracking bronzers out there. But I thought I'd share the ones I've been wearing most. In my opinion, these are all great formulas that share that beautiful bronzy glow we're all after without giving you that dirty grubby look! 

This bronzer has received iconic status and it's with good reason too! The neutral undertone in this bronzer is what makes this so great, as there's very little danger of looking like you've been "tangoed," achieving nothing more than that natural Sunkist look. Don't let the darkness of the shade scare you off, (unless you are super, super pale,) as it can be applied to give a subtle natural colour but is also buildable enough to go deeper. 

Tip!: If I have any concerns regarding the shades of a bronzer, I always begin by applying with a duo-fibre brush first, just so to check the depth of the pigment. These duo-fibre brushes are great for light-weight application as the head is airy and packed with less fibres, so it picks up less product. 

It's such a great bronzer and is one of my all-time favourites and amongst us bloggers for contouring too! As you can see, mine is looking a bit worse for wear as it's used so much! Definitely worthy of a repurchase.

I've said it before and I'll say it again! US brand, Wet n Wild really need to come to Boots or Superdrug! Just a cardboard stand will do for now, even if it's to just to test the water amongst us Brits! Yes, we can get them on Amazon but it so overpriced it's ridiculous! 

Wet n Wild have 3 bronzers to choose from their Icon range. The size of these bronzers are huge (13.0g) compared to your standard bronzer. Reserve your Cabana (the palest bronzer) Ticket to Brazil (deeper toned, which is probably better suited to me) and Bikini Contest (a red toned bronzer.) Reserve Your Cabana is more suited to extremely pale, more porcelain type skin tones that just want that hint of colour. I, on the other hand, thought this would be darker than pictured when I originally ordered this. But my god, does this makes a fabulous natural highlighter, it's insane! I've been pairing this up a lot with Bahama Mama. These two look amazing together! 

Betty and I have been old pals for a while now but only really get to meet up during the hot Summer months, as she can be quite intense! I tend to use her more as a glowy blush than a highlighter, or as an all in one shimmery bronzer as she's a bit too dark and intense for my skin tone until my tan has built up a bit. She's a beauty, though!

As you can see, this bronzer is well loved! I absolutely adore everything I own from Too Faced and this bronzer was one I played around with a lot at a makeup course I attended, so much so, that I went and bought my own. That was back in Winter, which is when I use this most, so it is a bit light for me this time of year. Nevertheless, I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you in case you were looking for a lighter bronzer. Despite its warmer undertone, it doesn't make you look orange like some do. These Too Faced bronzers have such great formulas and are considered as some, if not the best on the market. I really want to get my mitts on their Chocolate scented ones too!  Full review here.

Tip!: When applying around the edge of my forehead, I always blend the product up into my hairline to look natural, so there isn't that obvious tell tale white line between the forehead and hairline.  

This is the newest addition to my collection as I'm becoming ever more obsessed with Nyx. Another fantastic drugstore bronzer that gives that really obvious bronzed look due to having a more of a russet undertone this time, so it looks like you've caught the sun naturally without looking too burnt!  These formulas are so smooth and finely milled, not at all chalky. When I apply this around the hairline and around the high points of my face it really does look like I've caught the sun.
Really, really lovely!

Which bronzers are you enjoying this Summer?

                                                                        Toni. Xoxo



  1. That TooFaced bronzer looks gorgeous! I'm really samey when it comes to bronzers, so might give this one a whirl! :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  2. Wet n Wild are available by Amazon UK now, or will be soon, I am so excited. Colour Pop are also shipping internationally on the 12th and I could cry with excitement. The Balm bronzer is stunning xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Amazon UK is where I've purchased all my products from Wet n Wild. OMG, Kiran, are you kidding me? This is such big news! I'm desperate to try Colour Pop! Also great that Kat Von D will be arriving on our shores soon! :) xx

  3. I love the look of that Too Faced bronzer!I've not tried anything from Wet n Wild, but I've heard so much about the products and this one looks lovely x

    1. You'll be pleasantly surprised! Xx

  4. I love Bahama Mama bronzer but definitely want to try a Too Faced bronzer next or maybe one of the new Urban Decay ones! Hourglass is my current favourite! xx


    1. Ooo! Nice! I'd love to get my hands on some products from Hourglass! Xx

  5. Definitely have to try the NYX bronzer! Lovely photos by the way:)X

  6. The Betty Lou Manizer looks gorgeous! I'm a big fan of the Mary Lou but have really been enjoying a more bronzed glow lately so will have to check it out :)

    Jasmine xx

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