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Summer Bright, Summer Lips

Summer Lip Wear - Kiko, Nyx, Bobbi Brown, Laura Geller

I don't know about you;  I'm done with waiting for Summer to arrive. We saw June rain on us a lot! And there's been very little improvement since we've arrived in July. So, despite the rubbish weather, I've decided to finally declare it's Summer, with or without the sunshine! It's just going to have to be! 

So, other than digging out the bronzers, I've also put together my little Summer lip stash as I feel it's time to finally ditch those Nudes for a bit! During these warmer months, I tend to gravitate towards more peachier and coral shades, as I feel that they really do brighten and liven up the look, and can also contrast beautifully against tanned skin.

Kiko Utra Glossy Stylo in 806, 807, Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream Antwerp

Brown Rich Lip Colour - Sweet Nectar, Laura Geller-French Kiss

If you like these balm type lippies then you're going to love these! I discovered them last Summer at the Kiko store not Stratford this time, it was actually Cambridge for a change! The only gripe I have with Kiko is it seems all their shades are labelled in numbers, which I think is a pain to try and remember. I much prefer names as I feel it gives the product a bit of identity, don't you think?

Anyway, moving swiftly on. The buildable colour of these balm lipsticks make these the perfect choice if you're really not a fan of intense shades and wish to wear something a bit more sheer-like but still buildable enough to show colour. I cannot stress enough how amazingly comfortable these are to wear. They're slightly sweet scented too as well as providing a really lovely shine. They've even thrown in some SPF protection too, which I've never heard of in lipsticks before.

You know what?! Sometimes, I think these type of lipsticks can look far better when worn on their own without any foundation. They just seem to show up more, don't you agree? I love these so much, and at £4.90 I may grab some more. What a bargain!

Shade 806 is a bright peach and 807 is what I could only describe as a red coral shade. 

Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo 807

Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo 806

Once again, another great comfortable wearing lipstick. These are so nice from Bobbi Brown. Yes, there is the price tag to consider, but sometimes, you just got to have that little bit of luxury in your life, haven't you?! Sweet Nectar is a rich red coral with a neutral undertone that makes this totally wearable for during the day. These are lightweight and super creamy; creamy in a sense without that added thickness feel to them. You don't need to apply very much either as this shade is very opaque, covering the lips with very little effort and gradually wears off after several hours of wear, Fragrance-free too!

Bobbi Brown Sweet Nectar

If you're after something much brighter in terms of a more coral pink, then look no further then Antwerp. I wanted something a bit more bolder to wear in the evening and boy did I get it
with this one...well, bright for me, anyway! I'm not normally a massive fan of these matte lip cream type formulas as they tend to be quite drying on me, but these ones from Nyx are actually quite nice!

Antwerp is a really gorgeous pinky coral that has the right amount of warmth for me to make it wearable. This particular formula from Nyx don't have that habit of sitting in my lip lines and enhancing the dryness of my lips and I also quite like that stained look it leaves behind as it gradually wears off. 

When it comes to bolder shades I much prefer a matte finish because I feel it gives me the ability to wear these with a bit more confidence, as they don't scream out and look so detached like it would if it were glossy formula!

It's is a shame really, as I have so many lovely shades I could wear. 

Laura Geller Lip Silk Liquid Lipstick | French Kiss came part of a set.

I forgot how wonderfully gorgeous this shade is! I do love a peach lippie as it looks so stunning against tanned skin and I'll shall say it again, they give that much-needed warmth that I so crave for. Admittedly, I only really love this because of the shade, as its doesn't exactly have the longest wearing formula. This is the only lip silks that I own from Laura Geller although quote me if I'm wrong, they now may have been discontinued.

I know not everyone is a fan of these twistable applicator types, as they can have that tendency of dispensing more product then you need; but I really like these soft spongy nib types, (if that's the right name for them.) They help glide on the product smoothly and evenly and I also love the satin finish these give too! 

Laura Geller Lip Silks in French Kiss

Lipstick Swatches Kiko, Bobbi Brown, Nyx, Laura Geller

What lip shades are you wearing this Summer? 

                                                                        Toni. Xoxo



  1. I love the NYX Matte Lip Creams! I bought two, Prague and Cannes and I am obsessed! Antwerp is also a lovely shade, perfect for summer! :)


    1. There are some cracking shades from the Nyx line! :) xx

  2. Wow wow - I absolutely love this bobbi brown lip colour!!! xx

  3. French Kiss looks lovely! I have mostly been wearing tinted lip balms to be honest, my lips are so dry xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  4. Lovely post!! Love the swatches too! <3

    Amelia |


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