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Review | Recently Purchased Tarte Collection

Tarte Collection Including: Showstopper Palette, Amazonian Clay Foundation

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation, Rainforest of the Sea Lipsplash

Hi, everyone!

You may remember I showed you a great value TSV Tarte collection that I'd purchased at the beginning of the month from QVC UK. So, within these last few weeks, I've managed to have a good pIay around with these although the out come took a little longer than expected. I originally bought these items at a set price but can be sold separately from either QVC UK or from Tarte in the US, however, do check the customs and shipping fees first! The set itself is still available but is back at the original price of £55.00 which you can purchase from here.  

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation | £34.50

This is the culprit that made me take so long in my decision of this review as I experienced some issues with this foundation which I'll share with you in a mo...

This foundation is oil-free. These types are normally best suited for oily skins, so I'm afraid you dry skin folk may not like this! Despite having combination skin, these oil-free formulas have worn quite well on me in the past, although as I've recently discovered, this is now becoming no longer the case, as my cheeks tend to be a lot drier and more dehydrated than they use to be, resulting in choice becoming somewhat of a trickier process. When it comes to any foundation, the list of expectations is as long as my arm before I can finally decide whether to it call it my holy grail. A foundation would need to tackle the oiliness and texture of my T-zone whilst giving the added comfort and glow for my dry cheeks. I know...I don't want much do I?!

I took a gamble and chose the shade Medium Honey, (which paid off well), as the day this was aired on QVC, I was at IMATS in London. The formula is thick with a mousse-like texture, and despite its deceiving appearance thinking that the result will be instant thick coverage, it's actually more medium, to begin with, but is buildable enough should you need that fuller coverage.

Overall thoughts

After trying various ways of application, I found that my preferred method was to either use the large soft brush supplied or the good ole fashioned fingers method which is a rarity for me. When applied with my fingers, it did give a slight mask-like appearance but that soon disappeared by blending and lightly tapping the product around the face resulting in a lovely, semi-matte even complexion.

My issue with this foundation was the effect after a couple of hours. It began to feel a little tight on the cheek area as if it was trying to grip and hold on to my skin. Although oddly enough, during the warmer days when my skin was clammier, this felt much more comfortable to wear, so this was a sure sign that it's definitely geared for the oilier types.

 After trying several other primers, including on one occasion of not wearing any at all, I found the best way to get around this tightness issue was to wear my Laura Geller Spackle which I think are very nice hydrating primers. Nevertheless, this won't be a foundation I shall be repurchasing if I have to have the added kerfuffle of using that specific primer in order for me to wear this. Perhaps, I shall just keep this for evening wear only. 

Hopefully, I'm in a minority here, as I've heard so many good reviews. Although couldn't help but feel rather disappointed with this choice.

Tarte Showstopper Palette

Showstopper All In One Palette | £31.50

Now, this is more like it and the Tarte I know and love! I can certainly see why it's called a Showstopper, and I shouldn't have expected anything less other than a good quality palette...should I?! A super one stop palette that's travel-friendly and has every shade needed to create everyday looks from the palm of your hand. To me, it has Summer written all over it and consists of Neutral and Rosey toned shades that are suited to everyone. 

Inside this beautiful round large compact, as well as very handy mirror, there are also 6 stunning eyeshadows, a gorgeous peach blusher, a bronzer and a champagne coloured highlighter, which I have to say is just breath taking! This highlighter works magnificently and looks amazing for achieving that up to date strobe look but in a natural manner without it going overboard. The formula is super soft and applies very smoothly and I also like the fact that you don't need to be too careful with this one either. In fact, the more you apply, the better the result. 

Peach blushers are my favourite as they are just so flattering, aren't they? I love how they brighten and lift the cheeks and adding that Summer warmth at the same time. Once again, beautifully pigmented so a little goes a long way.

The eyeshadows and formula
The eyeshadows that are in this collection are a combination of super long-wearing mattes, satin and shimmers that make these easily wearable for all ages to enjoy.  

The soft velvety texture of the formula is a joy to use, and gives such a creamy feel, you barely need to touch with the brush to gain any payoff, and can be applied all over the lid for that wash of colour or for a more detailed intense look. If you're familiar with their other great palette, Tartelette, you will know only too well just how beautiful those mattes performed, as the shades Dim the Lights and You're a Natural wears just as well as its iconic counterpart.

Great eyeliners are created when the shadow is applied wet and can also make the shimmery shades more intense, with the lighter ones creating that pop of highlighter for the centre of the lid, that clever trick to give the eyelid a more rounded shape.

Although predominately neutral shades are featured in this, they are very versatile and help to bring out the natural colour of eye. Showstopper Copper or Rose to the Top, against my grey-green eyes, look simply stunning! 

This bronzer is ah-mazing! A word of warning, though! It is quite pigmented so you'll need to apply with a very light hand and make sure you blend well too! This bronzer also makes a great alternative for a transition shade on the eye...Oh yes! Strong structured cheek bones can dominate the look (if that's your thing!) when used as a contour due to this effortless pigmented shade. 

Tarte Double-Ended Mascara, Black Clay EyeLiner

Tarte Double-Ended Mascara

Double-Ended Mascara. Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara at one end, Bottoms Up Lower Lash on the other.
I have this in the original format and I've really been pleased with the end result. This definitely makes my lashes look bigger and fuller, but I'm not too sure if the end results is enough for me to pay that higher price again, I'm still on the fence with that one!

However, I was absolutely thrilled with this bottom lash mascara, which is a new addition to their mascara range, although at the moment is only available as part of this set. 
I love this wand, it's super tiny ensuring every tiny lash was evenly coated. It was actually rather nice to finally wear mascara on the bottom lash, as for many years this had to be avoided due to the smudging demon creating its regular mess! 

Tarte Black Silk Clay Eyeliner

Black Silk Clay Eye Liner. Not sold separately here. Only in a Set | £25.00 

Now, I'm normally a gel person when it comes to lining as I prefer the ease and precise application of using a fine liner brush. It's comfortable for tightling and the longevity is generally better too! 

The retractable element of this intense black liner ensures comfortable application for tightling, and along with its sharpened nib you can easily create an even wing liner which is easily assisted by its smooth and creamy formula. There is also a sharpener hidden inside to ensure the liner continues to line the eye with precision.

Unfortunately, there was no avoiding that added step of setting this with black shadow along the waterline. This is a step I normally have to use to help prolong wear and prevent smudging as it's such a big issue for me and is something I've tried in vain for many years to get to the bottom of and fathom out why this keeps on happening. 

I was actually quite surprised that this lipstick set to a matte finish. This gorgeous lip splash is saturated in such creamy richness that is not only beautiful but is also very comfortable to wear, giving solid colour that lasts for several hours. This mid-toned Plummy Rose shade is a nice alternative to move away from the comfort of nudes or if darker colours are not your thing. This is my first lipstick from Tarte, and if this is a taste of things to come, I'll definitely be back for more!  

Do you have this collection? Have you tried any products from Tarte?

                                                                           Toni. xoxo  



  1. Wow, this set sounds like an awesome steal! The tarte foundation used to be my holy grail but after I moved somewhere less sunny, the shade I had was too dark for my untanned skin. Bummer that it only works on you if you use one specific primer. That palette looks so beautiful! In the swatches it looks like all the powders are so pigmented :) I haven't tried anything from their rainforest of the sea line but now that lipstick is tempting me!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. I was pretty bummed too over the foundation! Xx

  2. I've been wanting to try this collection for a while. Everything looks so pretty!


    Tamara -

  3. That is a great value set, even with the regular price! I would totally get it but I'm not sure about the foundation, my skin has been changing and most of those heavier, matte foundations I used to love don't seem to work for me anymore. The palette is so pretty though! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner


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