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Review | Nyx | Lip Lingerie

I finally have them and they're mine!

The whole of the UK including the blogosphere has been going "absolutely bananas" since Nyx arrived in our larger Boots stores earlier on this year. We've all become totally obsessed by them, and this crazy obsession has done nothing but encourage me to buy an absolute shed load from them, especially the lippies. But I think it's fair to say, there were some of us that was left slightly disappointed when the Lip Lingerie didn't show up on our new glitzy stands, and would have to also agree, these will probably be the closest we'll ever get to the infamous Kylie Lip kits. 

I had to order mine online to then have them delivered to my local Boots pharmacy; which to be fair, is only a 5mins drive up the road. Anyway, enough of the drivelling. Let's get on an admire the shades of these Lip Lingerie's, shall we? 

The formula

The Lip Lingerie's are a lightweight, mousse type lip cream that sets instantly to a matte finish. Application is achieved by a doe-foot wand applicator which is something that we've become all too familiar with when it comes to these types of lip products. There's 12 shades available, consisting of cool/warm nudes to choose from; so there is something for everyone.  I specifically ordered 3, a light, a medium and a dark, to see how well they'd look against my skin tone. Despite these being considered as nude shades, I desperately wanted some darker tones in my collection as I think I've probably got enough pale nudes to last me a lifetime! 

Review, Nyx Lip Lingerie, Lace Detail, Bedtime Flirt, Exotic

As per usual, my chosen shades are on the warmer scale, but not too warm that it'll clash with my pink undertone, as I feel they just help to lift and tone down that coolness a bit. 

Lace Detail is just your average pale nude shade but has a slight warm pink undertone to it.  It adds just the right amount warmth that I'm after, so it doesn't wash me out. Beautiful! (I thought I weren't meant to buy any more pale nudes!)

Bedtime Flirt is a cracking shade! It's one of those I could only describe that it looks like my lips, but better! Oh, it's stunning! It's more of a red brown shade. For some strange reason, I keep calling this bedroom flirt! 

Exotic is a gorgeous warm red mahogany that looks absolutely amazing on the lip, It's a real showstopper! This is the kind of shade I've been after for so long, as I wanted something deeper but brighter at the same time without making my lips look too detached from the rest of my face.

I was absolutely over the moon with these shades and have nothing more to say about the other shades other than, I'll be back!   

Nyx Lip Lingeries Swatches Lace Detail, Bedtime Flirt, Exotic

Overall thoughts

All shades applied silky smooth with a sold even colour before finally drying to a matte finish; not at all cakey or crusty that you can get with some - eww! I was so impressed with the longevity in these as they lasted several hours before gradually wearing off. I'm so pleased these didn't crumble like those dreadful formulas from the original Sleek Matte Me line, which I'm happy to announce, they've since updated and improved on the formula. 

The only downside was that I found these to be rather drying. I could feel them gripping onto my lips also, which I suppose is to be expected as they're so longwearing! So, I just apply lip balm first. But despite that, I really do like these, I mean the shades are so beautiful, although I have to say, I much prefer the formulas of their other range, the Liquid Suede, which I feel Nyx have kind of missed a trick here! 

Why produce these when you have others?

Pardon me for getting on my soapbox! But I really don't get why Nyx decided to put together a range of these wonderfully on-trend nude shades using this slightly drier formula! If you compare them to the Suede line, or for that matter, their Matte Lip Cream range, these are far more comfortable and a lot less drying than the Lip Lingerie. All they needed to have done was just increased the shade range. After all, both the Suede and the Matte Lip Creams also dries to a matte finish, don't they? Was this so they could compete with the Kylie Lip Kits by making them look similar?  I just think it's a bit of a shame that this formula isn't as great as their others. What do you think?  

Are you a fan of the Lip Lingeries? Share me your thoughts. 

                                                                 Toni. Xoxo



  1. Exotic looks like such a gorgeous colour! I've tried a tonne of Nyx products, but nothing for my lips yet, so definitely need to do a little shopping! :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  2. Are these more transfer-proof than the Suede lip creams? That's the only reason I can think of for them to create a drier formula. Also, from tomorrow ColourPop will be shipping internationally and we can all grab their matte liquid lipsticks. The formula between the CP and Kylie Jenner lip kits are supposed to be very similar. Great post, Toni! I hate dry lip products so I don't think I will get these x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Yes Kiran. They are transfer-proof, which'll definitely explain that slightly drier feel xx

  3. I have to say, I've heard quite a few negative reviews about this formula, just that it is unfortunately more drying like you said. Such a shame as I have my eye on Exotic after that swatch! xx

  4. I haven't actually tried the lingerie collection yet, I love NYX as a whole but I was never a fan of their matte lip cremes if i'm totally honest! I think I may have to try the Bedtime Flirt shade as a starting point of this line though because wow, I adore that colour!

  5. Exotic is so pretty! I haven't tried these but I have tried the lip suedes and soft matte lip creams, so if these are more drying than those two formulas I don't think I'd get on with them.

  6. If only they sold these in the Netherlands. They look so beautiful, especially Bedtime Flirt!!

    Lots of love,

    1. Aww, What a shame! Hopefully, Nyx will come to the Netherlands very soon! xx

  7. All the shades you got are soo beautiful!! I need to try these out!

    Amelia |

  8. I have to pick some up soon :) love the shades you got


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