Friday, 22 July 2016

New beauty trend! Have you heard of Draping?

Photo from Marc Jacobs at Sephora. 

No, we're not talking curtains here! We've had contouring, sunstripping, non-touring, and now we have draping! So it's time to relive the 70's/80's, when this trend was last seen draped (if you pardon the pun) on the cheeks bones of many. Just like other past makeup trends, this one's been thrown back into the spotlight with a new name, creating the latest buzz in the makeup world. 

So, what is draping? Draping is the new contouring technique using blusher instead of using the traditional cool tone browns of a contour product. This technique, which was initially created by celebrity makeup artist Way Bandy back in the sixties, was to encourage makeup enthusiasts to embrace and work with their unique features, rather than their face shape. Blushers consisting of a light and a deeper tone is used to create a much softer approach as opposed to the darker sculpting trend we all know and love. 

This Autumn/Winter, we'll see the release of Marc Jacobs Air Blush Soft Glow Duo, (although already released in the States,) consisting of 2 hues of colour which is aimed specifically for this latest trend, and no doubt I'm sure, they'll be other brands that will soon follow suit. 

But you needn't fork out the expense of a Marc Jacobs blush to do this look. Just apply a deeper shade along the the hollows of your cheekbones slightly blending over the cheek bone, then using a lighter blush to blend and diffuse any harsh edges before finishing off with a touch a of highlighter to be applied where you would normally apply it. 

My thoughts? As I was around in the seventies and eighties, albeit just a kid, I do remember loving the glowy brightly coloured cheeks worn by the likes of Diana Ross, and think on darker skin tones this trend would look amazing! As for us English Roses, I think providing it's done in a subtle way and with the right shades, it can look really pretty.

What do you think of this latest trend? Are you going to embrace the drape? Or will you just
 be "eye rolling" at this latest trend? 

                                                                Toni. Xoxo



  1. I actually used to apply my blusher like this about 10 years ago when I was a teenager (madly ahead of the trend or just way behind it? haha!) but I have to admit I just used one shade, so maybe this time round I can do it properly!
    Rebecca | Notes From September

    1. Haha! I think we've all done that at some point in our lives! :) xx


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