Monday, 6 June 2016

Other Products I've Been Using Lately

Hi, everyone! 

Here we have some other bits and bobs that I've been using lately I thought I'd share with you.
Ok - maybe not the most exciting products to drool over, but sometimes, even the most boring looking ones can contribute to our never ending quest to look and feel like a million dollars.   

Sally Hansen | Airbrush Legs in Medium Glow | £9.99

Recently, I had to go to a wedding reception and what we've being a bit lazy and a bit behind this year when it comes to fake tanning my legs were looking a little pasty to say the least, so decided to dig out this old timer!

What would I do without her? As good ole Sally once again came to the rescue and provided me with the perfect set of pins to flash and get some much-needed air without having to hide them under a boring pair of trousers, yet again! After a short wait after applying, Sally is even able to prevent any product from transferring onto my clothing. To think, she does all this in a matter of minutes! She's good, isn't she?

But before she does the biz, I have to stand in the shower cubicle (haha!) to spray the product onto my legs before blending into skin. Whatever you do, don't spray this in the areas where you have carpet, as she can be quite heavy handed and may stain. I find the shower cubicle or a bathtub easier and less mess, as I'm able to wash away any excess quickly! Although next time, I think I'll grab the lotion formula. She doesn't give me that fake tan look on my medium skin tone, more like a natural even finish, which is what I love. Nice one, Sally!

Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Lotion | Pistachio Cream and Magnolia  250ml |£4.49

When it comes to moisturising your body, you just can't go wrong with a bottle of Dove - can you?! An easily accessible product that you can pick up anywhere, even whilst in the middle of doing your grocery shopping. There isn't much to this. It's just slapped on after showering and does the job of nourishing my skin, perfectly! The fragrance of the Pistachio Cream and Magnolia is my favourite out of the entire Dove range, as the scent of magnolia is feminine, fresh and uplifting without being overpowering.

Soap And Glory | One Heck Of A Blot Face Primer | £10.00

I discovered this back in Winter, as I wanted a primer that could be used all over the face, rather than just in certain areas. For as long as I can remember, having combination skin makes finding a primer that addresses both issues on a budget a bit of a nightmare. Before discovering this one, I was actually using two which is silly - I mean, who wants to do that! I'd be using a hydrating one for the cheeks and a more silicone one for the T-Zone area. 

I do like this one from Soap and Glory, as it has a nice consistency and doesn't feel like that  typical silicon-y type. So, for a drugstore or high street brand this one's really lovely, as my makeup sits really well. Does it minimise my pores? A little bit, but not enough to make a massive difference though. It does however, prolong the wear of my foundation which is the main thing really, and also keeps my oily T-Zone at bay that bit longer too. The only thing I'm not so keen on is that the formula makes my skin feel quite wet when first applied. But once I get over that, then it's fine. 

Maybelline Brow Drama | £4.99

I hated this when I first bought it and have to admit, I didn't quite get the right concept of this thinking by using this product alone would give me a fuller brow. I don't think my brows are in the best nick for this product as they are thin and sparse, especially the inner part that aligns with the tear duct area.

I didn't like the ball shaped brush on the end of the wand either, as my eyebrows or what little there is I should say, was just too big and didn't really do anything other than looking like pen marks on my brows. I decided to give it another go. However, since filling in with my Mac Veluxe Brow pencil first, then lightly applying the brow gel afterwards, I noticed a big difference between brows that look just drawn on and filled in, and my new brow look, as the fine hairs are gently enhanced giving the illusion of a fuller and a much more natural brow.

Have you used any of these?

                                                                       Toni. xoxo

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