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First Impressions : Tarte | 7 Piece Smart Skin Set

Tarte Cosmetics 7 Piece Smart Skin Set

Tarte Cosmetics 7 Piece Smart Skin Set

Tarte Cosmetics 7 Piece Smart Skin Set

Without a shadow of a doubt, you always know you're going to be in for a real treat whenever shopping channel QVCUK announce their latest TSV from Tarte Cosmetics. I only found out about this 2 days prior to the launch, but luckily managed to order this the day before it was televised, as I was to be away at this year's IMATS at Olympia, London.

The Eco-Friendly Brand
Tarte Cosmetics has really taken the UK by storm since their arrival a little over a year and a half ago after their products received raved reviews from vloggers and makeup fans in the US - and my goodness, they were right! But more importantly, it was also the company's ethos of working with nature, formulating products with no hidden nasties that began to attract us more, as we're becoming increasing aware of the difference high performance naturals can do for us, thus turning our backs on ingredients that we couldn't even pronounce, let alone want to put on our skins! 

This cruelty-free and eco-friendly brand, pride themselves in producing skin loving products, formulated with ingredients from the natural resources of the Amazon Rain Forest, including essential nutrients from the Amazonian clay, which is extracted from the banks of the Amazon river, before drying out in the hot sun. The amazing nutrients from this clay play an important role in helping put the balance back into our skin, and also creating feel good makeup, formulating eyeshadows that good, you think they self-blend. 

But also, not forgetting their divine Maracuja Oil, that comes from the Amazonian fruit, beautifully assisting to hydrate and nurture dry skin but clever enough to also balance and calm down oiliness as well. 

These are just a few of the many naturally derived ingredients you'll find in this beautiful brand. If you wish to discover more and I'd suggest you do so, as this makes a really fascinating read Click here.

The Collection.
This is going to be more of a first impressions post until I've managed to have a good play around with, before sharing a much more in-depth review at a later date. This stunning 7- piece set cost me just £39.98, which you'd have to agree, the value is incredible for what you get, considering you'd be paying £34.50 just for the Amazonian Clay 12-hour foundation alone. Plus, you'd also be paying over £96 just for 4 products when sold separately. Which definitely makes this a no brainer! I also thought this would make a nice early birthday pressie to myself, and rightly so, as it's just around the corner. 

think this collection is a great introduction to the brand if you've haven't used before. These are still available to buy from QVCUK at a cost for £55.00, although some foundations shades are now out of stock. One other thing to add, a number of these are available to purchase separately direct from Tarte in the US who now deliver to the UK should these be unavailable from QVCUK. Although, I would strongly advise in checking the shipping fees first, before ordering from the US site.

Right, let's get on with what I received in the collection.

Tarte 12-hr Amazonian Clay Foundation

Tarte Showstopper Palette

Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Lip Splash Lipstick Plummy Rose

Tarte Double-Ended Light, Camera, Lashes Mascara, Black Silk Amazonian Clay Eyeliner

Tarte Founbdation Brush And Double-Ended Eyeshadow Brush

Tarte Teal Blue Woven Makeup Bag

Obviously! The Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation | 50ml:
Considered the hero product from Tarte, which is pretty much the main reason why I purchased this collection in the first place. I've always wanted to try this foundation, as I was left so impressed with the demonstrations I'd seen on numerous occasions where the model suffered quite high redness on the cheek area, then watching her skin transform into this stunning flawless complexion in a matter of seconds. 50ml is a good size, as there are some floating around in as little as 30ml; so I was really impressed with that. The formula is oil-free, so easily suitable for oilier skins, giving a mousse-like texture that aims to give full coverage with 12-hour longevity.  So let's put this to the test!

Showstopper Clay Palette:
Oh, my word! Look at this palette...isn't it gorgeous? It's a showstopper alright! This palette comprises a combination of 6 neutral eye shades of matte, satin and shimmers that don't look too dissimilar from their Rainforest of the Sea palette. A beautiful warm peach blusher is also included, a champagne pink highlighter, and lastly but not least, their ever popular Park Ave Princess bronzer. This palette also features a huge round mirror to help you apply to perfection. I cannot wait to try out these shades!

Plummy Rose Lip Splash Lipstick from their latest Rainforest of the Sea range:
A sumptuous plummy rose lipstick that's bursting with colour, that's infused with goodness to keep your lips hydrated and in place all day. I have been searching for what seems like an eternity for the perfect plummy shade. Let's hope it delivers!

Amazonian Clay Eyeliner in Black Silk:
A rich black eyeliner made from the ingredients from the Amazonian clay to help prevent irritation to the eyes whilst providing intense long wearing colour. I find eyeliner pencils a complete and utter nightmare to wear on the lower lash line. So it would make a nice change if it stayed without the added step of setting it. We shall see!

Double-ended Light, Camera, Lashes Mascara and Bottoms Up Mascara:
I can't wait to try this one as I already own and adore their full-sized format. You have a standard sized brush at one end for the top lash, and the other is a tiny wand for the bottom lash, and it's this bottom lash formula I'm interested in. 

Double-ended Rule Bender Eye Shadow brush and a Foundation brush:
Oh my god! 2 amazing, super soft brushes are supplied, giving you the right tools to help you achieve your desired look. This luxurious looking foundation brush is gorgeous and looks huge, and the double-ended eyeshadow brush has a large shader on one end - to apply all over the lid, and the other - is an angled shaped fluffy crease brush to blend away shadow and for applying to the crease.    

A Makeup Bag:
Lastly, they've thrown in an attractive Teal Blue woven design makeup bag to store all your bits in.    

To say I'm thrilled with this collection is an understatement, and can't wait to get stuck in and try all these out. 

To be continued...

Did you manage to purchase this collection? Have you tried any products from Tarte?

                                                                      Toni. xoxo 


  1. So glad you shared this, I will have to get my hands on this ASAP! I love their brushes but haven't tried much else. I have my eye on their Rainforest of the Sea foundation and their In Bloom eyeshadow palette. Plus, they are releasing a contour kit for deeper skin tones soon as well. I want their bedazzled eyelash curlers though, gorgeous. Great post. Love the little bag you get too. Can't wait for your reviews xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Thanks, Kiran. If you're referring to the lash curlers with pearl beads on the handles, I wanted those too, as they look so cool! I got their other one in the end wihich I'll be sharing on another post soon! :) xx


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