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Drugstore Buys Including a Dupe!

Makeup Revolution Radiance Highlighter Palette

Makeup Revolution Radiance Highlighter Palette

Hi, everyone!

Yes, I've been shopping again! Although, I actually bought these quite a while ago, after Leanne from L.Page Beauty (which you can have a read of her fab blog here) left a comment on one of my lipstick reviews claiming a certain shade was a dupe for a much higher-end one. But you'll have to wait a little longer to discover which one that is.

So, as old habits never die, I found myself once again loitering around the makeup stands in Superdrug, Norwich. I swear blind the staff must think I'm a shoplifter, as I take bloomin ages choosing my next victim, a product to be ripped apart and vilified should it not perform to my highest expectations (I'm a nice person really!) I don't know why I just don't get a job there and be done with it.

Of course! Like, "I don't need another highlighter, do I?", said no one. As any makeup enthusiasts will know, that thought would never cross their mind the moment they've got their eyes on something. So, it's another one from speed launchers, Makeup Revolution. You know what, I've never bought so many products from this brand as I have done this year. I mean, they're just so cheap aren't they? Mind you, their performance are a bit hit and miss, but that doesn't seem to deter me though, but I've heard this one's a good'un., so decided to check it out.

The Palette:
We have a palette containing 3 very beautiful illuminating pressed powders that can either be used to highlight the cheek bones and high points of the face or can be lightly dusted all over to give a lovely healthy radiance. This product has often been claimed as a dupe for the highlighting palette from Hourglass. Unfortunately, as  I don't own that palette I can't comment on the dupe claim. However, I've heard this one's more shimmery than the higher-end one.

The Shades:
I decided to name the shades the same as the ones sold singularly , as they look so similar. The first shade Breathe, has the sheerest pigmentation and looks more of a very light pinky peach. The next shade Exhale, is more Pinky toned, and the last, Glow, has a much more golden feel to it.
The formula of these feel very smooth to the touch, not at all gritty and glittery. As for highlighting the check bones, shades Exhale and Glow proving to show up most on my complexion, as Breathe needed a little more work; although, I soon discovered afterwards that the best way to apply Breathe was to apply with my Real Techniques duo-fibre cheek brush, flat-sided, as it was able to grab the product much more effectively. I love mixing both Exhale and Glow to give some added warmth without looking too overly bronzed, as Glow on its own can be a bit too warm and shimmery for day wear on me.

All Over Glow:
All three shades performed really well for achieving that all over glow, which is going to look amazing when we finally get some sun. However, Breathe proved to be the ideal shade for day wear, although I still had to go easy to prevent my skin looking greasy. One other thing I really love about Breathe and Exhale is that I don't feel restricted to match with a certain eye shade, which meant I could wear either cool or warm colours. As with some, I find that if I were to use warm highlighters, I tend to gravitate towards a golden eyeshadow, so it blends and compliments together better, but that could be just me! All in all, I think this is an amazing palette for the price and one that should be in everyone's collection. I use this an awful lot!

Makeup Revolution Radiance Highlighter Palette

L -R: Shades Breathe, Exhale and Glow.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Eva's Nude

Swatch Comparisons L'Oreal Eva's Nude And Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect

There's not much of a difference, is there? It's very close!

Now, when it comes to the dupe claims, I've often been left disappointed as half the time it looks nothing like the original. One of the few people I totally trust when it comes to the dupe claim is Emily Eddington from Beauty Broadcast on YouTube. She has such an amazing makeup collection, a lot sent by makeup companies of course but she does purchase an awful lot of her own, so big respect to her. So, having this amount of stuff enables her to find these dupes a lot easier than you or I. And when she does, she loves nothing more than to share her finds with the rest of us makeup fanatics!

The Dupe:
Like I mentioned earlier, I discovered this lipstick by L'Oréal from another Beauty Blogger Leanne, who said it's a good dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's Bitch Perfect. After swatched, the match is incredible - it really is! Now unfortunately, I no longer have a full bullet of Bitch Perfect to show you side by side, which would have been nice but it was soo well loved, all I'm left with is a tiny layer at the bottom of the bullet.

Eva's Nude:
Eva's Nude, is simply one of the best nudes I have ever seen in the drugstore/high street market. It is BEAUTIFUL! The shade is a light brown/peach with a slight pinkyness to it. I love how it has that slight sheen to it that helps to lift, enhance and plump the look of your lips, which makes it very very flattering! It's also beautifully comfortable to wear and the longevity is pretty good too!

Are any of these in your makeup collection? Do you know of any dupes?

                                                                     Toni. xoxo



  1. I've been meaning to buy Eva Nude since Leanne recommended it because I've had Bitch Perfect on my wishlist for ages - will definitely grab it next time I'm in Boots! xx

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    1. Oh, you must! Don't let this one slip by. :)xx


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