Friday, 3 June 2016

Beautifully Paired For A Lighter Base

Despite the weather being rather erratic lately, one minute warm, the next minute freezing cold, I was kinda in the mood to want to start wearing something a bit lighter, and allow my skin to breathe a little after months of heavy coverage from the often harsh wind we experience here on the east coast. I've also begun to really embrace the glow which is something I've never done before due to my constant battle with oily skin that's now drying out a little since reaching a certain age. 

So, it was whilst rummaging through my drawers, I rediscovered this much-loved gem, Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation - £10.99, (not the cream formula,) and forgot what a fab little foundation this is!

I can't quite believe why this has been tossed aside in my drawer for so long, (too busy trying out other stuff, I suppose!) Then it dawned on me, that my skin was perhaps a little too pale for the shade that I'd chosen to wear at the time, which was during the colder season. 

So, this foundation has often been claimed as a dupe for the Chanel Pro Lumiere, which is now discontinued. Bearing in mind, Bourjois do own Chanel, and I've often wondered if some of these from the drugstore brand are actually discon lines from Chanel that are repackaged and slightly reformed.  

Ok, back to the foundation that's under the spotlight. The dinky sized bottle is great for travelling, and  I find that the handy pump dispenser distributes the foundation efficiently giving limited amount but is simple to add if more is required. I love applying this gel formula using my Real Techniques expert face brush and I have to say, I'm really enjoying this pairing. This brush applies and blends this gorgeous texture like a dream. Smoothing and erasing out any imperfections, leaving behind just flawless, radiant skin that looks brightened and awake. This gives a nice sheer consistency that is buildable, allowing you to achieve extra coverage if needed.

When I first purchased this, my skin was still a little on the oily side and needed to be powdered down quite heavily; especially in the T-Zone area. Now it's a little drier, it sits a lot better on my skin. I love the fact that the formula enhances and allows your skin to be the one wearing this. Your skin looks like skin. The foundation isn't wearing you.

It's funny how certain tools can get the very best out some foundations. At the moment, I'm using shade 55 which if I'm honest, is just a tad too dark for me. But nevertheless, I'm able to tone it down a notch by highlighting using my L.A Girl Pro concealer in the shade - Natural. Full review here.

I then finish off by giving my cheeks a light dusting of this absolute marvel and one I'll always repurchase- Laura Geller's Balance n Brighten in the shade Medium  - £22.00 (full review here,) to just prolong and ensure all day coverage on my cheek area and to enhance that flawlessness further, which its does beautifully! These two have proved to be pretty special together. 

Have you enjoyed these foundations? Have you rediscovered any foundations, lately?

                                                                  Toni. xoxo


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  1. I often use this foundation too, but I've not used it much in the past month as I've preferred BB cream. I will definitely go back to it though! I could actually do with a new foundation so I'm scouring the high street (and maybe the beauty counters too!) at the moment :)
    Rebecca | Notes From September


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