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Real Techniques Brush Collection | Sharing My Favourites| Part 2

Real Techniques Brush Review

Real Techniques Brush Review

Welcome to part 2 of my review on one the world's most raved about brush brands! In this instalment, I shall be sharing my most used for applying the cheek and eye area. If  you missed out on part 1, you can read it here.

Real Techniques Fan Brush, Sculpting Brush, Dual Fibre Cheek, Contour

L-R: Fan Brush, Sculpting Brush, Dual Fibre Cheek (from the original white collection) and Small Contour Brush

The Sculpting brush -£9.99 is one that I reach for nearly everyday. The size and width helps me to achieve a really soft contoured look, so it naturally enhances my cheekbone; plus it's brilliant for blending bronzers around the hairline as well. Due to its angled shape, this makes a great alternative for applying foundation, especially when blending around the nose and eye area. 

For highlighting, I alternate between 3 different types depending on the formula itself and look I wish to create. When I want that slightly wider stroke of light or just a light dusting on the areas of the face, my go to is the dual fibre cheek brush (which I also sometimes use for blusher) to apply any illuminators or highlighters as the sparse bristles towards the tip delivers these delicately, giving me a softer look.

Now, I'm really loving this small contour brush that came part of the 
Deluxe Set, as well as the setting brush, as the angle and the density of this brush hugs my cheekbone (what little there is!) perfectly, and is able to achieve a much stronger sheen or again, that natural glow for everyday wear. 

There's a lot of intense highlighters out there at the moment which is where this fan brush from the Sculptured Set - £20.99  comes in to good use. The thin, spaced out bristles prevents the glow looking so overdone, like a disco ball as it has the ability to pick up very limited product, providing a sheerer finish.

Real Techniques Starter set and Eye Lining set

Pictured: Brushes from the Starter Set and Eye Lining Set.

This was a really tough choice as I have so many. They're all fantastic in their own unique way, so gives me good reason to rotate my eye brushes from time to time. 

The Eye Starter Set - £20.99 is a fantastic set to own and every brush is always used at some point. I love to use these crease brushes for applying my base shade all over the eye, (from lid to brow.) Any harsh edges is easily blended away leaving a seamless finish. 

Although this was produced for applying brow products, I actually prefer using this angled brow brush to achieve a large wing when using shadow. I shared my review a while ago on the small smudge brush from the Liner Set, where the width is spot on for adding depth to the crease area for my very mild hooded eyes, and for smudging out eyeshadow below the lower lash line. It really does transform the shape of my eye and I love how the colour gently peeps over the lid.
The Shading brush -£6.99 is a great all rounder for packing shadow onto the lid, creating a fabulous smoky wing and outer v and blending colour up to my transition shade.

My choice of brush liners worn in general changes like the wind. So, like the typical Gemini that I am, I may decide I want a basic line today or a wing tomorrow; so having this amount of variety satisfies that flexibility.

These liner brushes are a superb collection to own and have enabled me to really up my game when it comes to applying gel liners. My ultimate favourite is the longer bristled liner from the Starter Collection which you can read a review here. It just amazing how I'm able to achieve progressive layers and how it tight lines both my top and bottom waterline  fast and comfortably. I have one eye that is slightly more hooded towards the end of the eye. Creating a wing makes it much more achievable whilst using this brush. 

I love to use my other two from the Eye lining Set - £19.99 when I either want a thicker basic line or a smaller wing. I found that the tiny liner brush is a really good starting point for learning how to achieve a wing before moving onto its longer bristled Sister, as I was able to draw a tiny wing with precision first, without making the dreaded blob mistake! 

Real Tecniques Brush Cleansing Palette

I clean all these using their Brush Cleansing Palette, which you can read a full review here. It just makes life so much easier!

So there you have it! The only thing I really need to do is grab some from their Bold Metals line. I'm ashamed to admit it, I don't own any of these. That will have to change.

Do you own any brushes from Real Techniques? What are your favourites?

                                                                Toni. xoxo



  1. I own quite a lot, from their Bold Metals collection I highly recommend the Arched Powder brush, the Blush brush (I love this for foundation for those days you want higher coverage) and the contour brush is nice but similar to many others. Great post, I love the buffing brush, the sculpting brush, the multi-task brush, the contour brush and their eyeshadow crease brush. I also find their brow brush works so well for winged liner. Great post! xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin | Instagram

    1. Aw! Bless you, Kiran. Thank You! I see you're a big fan of these brushes too!:)xx


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