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My Spring Skincare

Judith Williams Skincare, Life Long Beauty And Phytomineral

You'll have to excuse me for posting my skincare go to's so late as the Summer season is literally around the corner. Now, if you've been following me right from the very early days of blogging, which I'm sure that won't be many of you, you would have discovered that I'm quite a big fan of Judith Williams Skincare that you can only purchase either through QVCUK or Cura Beauty online. In a past review, I shared a short bio on this lovely lady with the flawless skin, and also shared my favourite products to use during the cold Winter months, which you can read here and here!

When it comes to skincare, I don't expect miracles! I'm not looking for products that will make me look 20yrs younger, ha-ha! I know that isn't going to happen. I just want to look like myself. but better! That's all. Of course, should one promise all that at an affordable price then - hell yeah! I'll be up for that.

Now, when it comes to my Spring skincare, I do like to step down a level on my moisturiser and serum as the Winter ones tend to be a bit too rich and heavy for these warmer months. Some of the other products also featured here are what I use all year round. 

But before I share my little gems, I'll first give you a slice of the lady behind the products. (Ooo! That sounded a bit gruesome!) American-born opera singer Judith Williams who's now an entrepreneur, creates high quality anti-aging products that aim to tackle our aging woes, by slowing down and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, promoting firmness and elasticity and give moisture and radiance back into the skin. She has no middlemen, no makeup counters to manage and no expensive advertising costs; which is why she is known for providing excellent quality skincare at such an affordable price.

What's also really great about a lot of her products, is that she often shares TSV promotions on QVC, where you get the opportunity to buy a collection at a special price, making that even more affordable. Oh, and by the way, rumour has it that she has another one coming up in June.

So, as you would've gathered from that little info, her products tend to cater more for the over 35's category. Although, if you are under this age group and have normal to dry skin, I don't see why you can't use any from her Phytomineral Range or the Vitamin C range if your skin is looking a little dry and lacklustre. The Life Long Beauty Range is what I normally use, as I feel it's much more suited for my skin type and is also aimed for mature skin, but I shall go into more detail about those in a mo.

I'll begin with the products I switched down for use during the Spring season. 

The Active Face serum is a much lighter formula than the one I use during Winter. (The Face Lift and Brightening Serum.)  I first discovered this product last Summer after ordering a sample size to try, and ended up really enjoyed using this. This product is full of plant extracts, 7 minerals, vitamins and Co-enzyme Q10 to help revitalise and awaken tired skin whilst injecting back lost moisture.  

The formula consists of a fluid gel like texture that is able to penetrate into the layers of my dry cheeks quickly and efficiently and is the perfect accompaniment to be used with any moisturiser. Despite its lightweight texture, it's still able to provide my skin all the hydration it needs without leaving it greasy in my now normal-oily T-Zone, and is also great to apply right up to the eye area. As well as giving off a gentle soft scent, it leaves my skin moisturised, smooth and supple giving me a slight glowy renewed appearance!

During the really hot weather, I'm able to use this as a moisturiser alone as it provides so much hydration, giving my skin a much fresher feel.    

Yes - the size you get is huge! For 150ml, not only is this size a rarity, it's going to last you months and months because a little goes such a long way. Because I only use this certain times of the year, I only replace this YEARLY!

I feel this is a slightly lighter version of her other Rose Day cream that includes Densilift, despite its texture appearing thicker. As the formula is quite thick, I first warm the cream on the back of my hand before applying to my face area. My skin drinks this up immediately, leaving behind no greasy residue, although, I quite like the tacky feel it gives to my skin. When paired up with the serum, it provides all day moisture and I also like to use these at night so it allows to repair and nourish my skin whilst I'm asleep. I find with quite a lot of her products, they do improve the appearance of my skin tone, leaving it looking smooth, plumped and radiant; and my makeup always sits lovely with these too! 

This has got to be one the most moisturising eye creams I have ever used in my life! The only other great eye cream I've used and loved was the one from Bobbi Brown, which is quite expensive in comparison to this one. Again! How many eye creams do you know that comes in 30ml size? I don't know any others, do you? This tube last so long, as I don't need much product to cover the the whole area. Once again, this eye cream provides all-day moisture and much needed hydration, unlike others I've used in the past, where my under eye area started to look dehydrated by the late afternoon.  Due to its excellent hydration properties, I also find this as a great base to use before applying concealer as it helps to prevent fines lines appearing during the course of the day. 

I can't live without this and needs to be in my kit - always!

Where do I start with this neck cream. I think it's amazing! Due to my age, I only really started using a neck cream last year, as this was part of a TSV promotion set on QVCUK, and have been hooked since. This gorgeous, rich texture but non-greasy formula penetrates into my neck area quickly and locks in moisture all day. There is definitely a difference in the way my skin looks, I know there is! My neck area looks more even toned and less crepey!

Discovering other products from other brands is something that I'm trying to do during the course of the year, with Ren Anti-Ageing Concentrate and Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm being some of the few that on my wish list. However, despite this being my mission, I always end up going back to Judith Williams.

Have you used any products from Judith Williams?

                                                                      Toni. xoxo



  1. I've heard of Judith Williams, but as you say, I assumed all her products were aimed above my age group. However, I do suffer from dry skin around my eyes because they water really easily and so I'm always on the lookout for a good, non-irritating eye cream. This one sounds lovely, although I'm not sure I'd buy anything from the rest of the range at this time in my life. Thanks for such a thorough run-through though
    Rebecca | Notes From September

    1. Thank you, Rebecca. Perhaps you could have a look at her eye cream from the Phytomineral range. It's aimed for people in their 20's. :) xx

  2. Great routine and products, loving the photos!

    Anika |


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