Monday, 30 May 2016

Skincare Sampling From Arbonne

Arbonne Skincare Samples From Their Calm Range

Lately, I've been really wanting to try some other premium skincare brands, despite being fairly happy with my regular go to's. The trouble is, there's always a part of me that wonders whether other products can out-perform the ones I'm already using, which I kinda put this down to my age really. So, when skincare brand Arbonne contacted me to try out some of their samples, I thought - why not? 


Friday, 27 May 2016

L.A Girl Pro. HD it worth the hype?

L.A Girl Pro HD Concealers

Everyone seems to be going bonkers over these L.A Girl Pro. HD Concealers, a product that's been  seen widely used for contouring and highlighting on Instagram and YouTube and costs less than a two stop bus ticket. 

So, for a product that costs no more than a fiver, I didn't hold much hope for this! As at the age of 43, my under eye area is no longer in possession of a skin as tight as a hospital bedsheet,
and feared that it was going to be a tall order for it to tackle these under eye issues.


Monday, 23 May 2016

My Spring Skincare

Judith Williams Skincare, Life Long Beauty And Phytomineral

You'll have to excuse me for posting my skincare go to's so late as the Summer season is literally around the corner. Now, if you've been following me right from the very early days of blogging, which I'm sure that won't be many of you, you would have discovered that I'm quite a big fan of Judith Williams Skincare that you can only purchase either through QVCUK or Cura Beauty online. In a past review, I shared a short bio on this lovely lady with the flawless skin, and also shared my favourite products to use during the cold Winter months, which you can read here and here!


Friday, 20 May 2016

Real Techniques Brush Collection | Sharing My Favourites| Part 2

Real Techniques Brush Review

Real Techniques Brush Review

Welcome to part 2 of my review on one the world's most raved about brush brands! In this instalment, I shall be sharing my most used for applying the cheek and eye area. If  you missed out on part 1, you can read it here.


Monday, 16 May 2016

Real Techniques Brush Collection | Sharing My Favourites| Part 1

Real Techniques Brushes

                  Real Techniques Brushes

                  Real Techniques Brushes, The Core Collection and Dual Fibre.

Real Techniques... a brand that needs very little introduction. A brush phenomenon that has taken the makeup world by storm since their arrival and has changed the way we apply our makeup - forever!

Whether you're a novice, an enthusiast or a makeup artist, these brushes have become a cult favourite and a must have. Makeup application for me, just simply wouldn't feel right without applying with these cruelty-free beauties. To be able to produce these gorgeously displayed coloured tools that give easy, flawless application on a budget, is short of a masterpiece. Isn't it any wonder that they're loved by millions across the globe! 


Friday, 13 May 2016

Past Summer Limited Editions Arrive Back In Stock!

Too Faced A La Mode Eyes And Cargo Summer in The City Eyeshadow Palette

                  Too Faced A La Mode Eyes And Cargo Summer in The City Eyeshadow Palette

Hi, everyone!
I hope you all managed to enjoy the recent warm sunny weather we've been having. 

Yes, they're back! 

Limited editions seem to have that tendency of sending makeup enthusiasts into a frenzy and the whole beauty-sphere into meltdown, due to their unique and highly addictive packaging, the much hype, and of course, the pathetic numbers of stock they produce.

Although, having said that, here in the UK, there are some,  the Vice4 and Gwen Stefani Palettes have been lingering around for a while now. But, if you're anything like me, I don't always have the urge or have the funds to buy on impulse when it comes to these limited editions. I like to be given more time and to be able to view the quality in person, which the latter isn't always possible. However, it's always a bummer when you miss out on the ones that you were after, so it always exciting to see them make an unexpected return.


Monday, 9 May 2016

Urban Decay AfterGlow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter

Urban Decay AfterGlow 8hr Powder Highlighter Review In Aura

                 Urban Decay AfterGlow 8hr Powder Highlighter Review In Aura

                 Urban Decay AfterGlow 8hr Powder Highlighter Review in Aura

                  Urban Decay AfterGlow 8hr Powder Highlighter Review

So, I may have passed up on their Alice Through the Looking Glass palette but most certainly didn't pass up on this. Highlighters have become a bit of an addiction this year and when brands release beauties like this, it isn't too difficult to see why. I missed out on the jaw dropping gorgeous limited edition from Christian Dior, so was determined not to miss out on this one. Thankfully, this range is going nowhere as its a permanent line. 

A short while back, Urban Decay released a new line of dazzling highlighters as part of their After Glow range, consisting of three new stunning shades. 

The first shade Sin, is a beautiful golden glow that at first glance kind of reminds me of the Mary Lou-Manizer whilst in the pan. Aura a stunning romantic light pink and Fireball, a coral peach, which when I swatched, my first impressions was that it looked so similar to Moonbeam from Benefit which is now discontinued..

Now, Sin was out of stock at the time of purchase (no surprise there!) So I opted for the shade Aura instead as I've never owned a Pink highlighter in the higher-end spectrum.


Friday, 6 May 2016

Why I Shan't Be Purchasing This Newly Released Beauty.

Photo by Urban Decay. 

Makeup enthusiasts around the globe were left going ga ga including me, ever since Urban Decay released shots of their up and coming release of their new eyeshadow palette, Alice Through The Looking Glass to coincide with the new film. The colours look gorgeous, the packaging is mesmerising and I have every confidence that the quality will be top notch! 


Monday, 2 May 2016

Reunited With A Cult Classic | Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish.


Recently, my cheeks having been craving for something a bit richer when it comes to cleansing. Other than for scrubs or masks, I've never been a fan of cleansers that needed water to do its job as I felt they were a little time consuming and messy to use. As in saying that, I've lately been thinking about trying some cleansing balms or any others that involve using a cloth. There was always one I enjoyed using in the past and felt drawn to have it back into my skincare routine. A cult classic that is much adored and loved by millions - Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.   

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