Friday, 8 April 2016

Product Empties


Hi, everyone!

Welcome to my very first empties post. I'm so glad to have finally got around to writing this as these had been sitting around in my little special empties bag for quite a while! 

These small sizes were originally purchased in the January sales ( yes - that long ago!) that were part of a gift set, and I'm so thrilled to discover that these can be purchased in the full size. I'm a HUGE fan of these, as they smell so ridiculously yummy! This rich, creamy but lightweight formula does a super job, leaving my skin soft and silky after showering, leaving also behind that heavenly scent!
     The scent from Sugar Crush kind of reminds me of Lemon Lavender or Lemon Lime, from Yankee Candle. The lime infused scent is so zesty and uplifting, although for some of you may find this a little overpowering. Orangeasm is just as zesty and is scented with fresh green mandarins, Sicilian lemons, and sweet orange peels. Love, Love, Love!

I think it's safe to say, this popular cleanser has been part of most people's skincare routine at one time or another and it's not hard to see why. I love how it gently removes my makeup or any daily grime quickly and easily, without stripping and irritating my skin. From the moment I started using this, I stopped using a separate toner, as I just didn't feel it was necessary. After all, they all tend to have that watery consistency right? One thing you can't argue, that the price makes it easily accessible too! 

This is another winner from a much-loved skincare brand that has really helped my skin battle against the elements.

I've been using this concentrate both day and night on cleansed skin, before applying moisturiser. It's one of those products that over time you begin to notice that there's something different about your skin. I wished I took a before and after shot, as I'm sure the look of my open pores had reduced along with the dreaded elevenses on my forehead. When the bottle had finished, within a couple of weeks the lines on my forehead began to make an unwelcome return. So I shall have to purchase again for further investigation. As in saying that, my Mother also has a bottle and she too commented on the improvement on her skin. 

This one's been a firm favourite in the Robinson residence for a long while now. Although not used on my hair but on my 14yr old daughter's, as she has thick, curly, unruly locks. When looking at its best the curls are gorgeous, defined and glossy! When unruly? Frizzy, with the tendency of resembling nothing more than a birds nest! (Sorry, sweetheart!)
     For a product this cheap, it really is an excellent buy, as believe you me, we've tried a heck of a lot since she was a tiny tot. As her hair is so thick, Mum assistance is often needed to help apply any product to her hair and untangle those nasty knots! This non-greasy leave-in conditioner does the perfect job of de-tangling the hair easily and quickly, limiting those cries of OUCH! Also adding that much needed extra moisture during the process. Whilst scenting the hair with a light coconut fragrance it leaves the curls defined with frizziness at bay. It's fantastic for daily use of reviving  frizzy curls without weighing the hair down.

I think this amazing product justifies a more in-depth  review. What do you think? 

I've been dabbling with the white stuff for a number of years now, due to oxidizing problems I've experienced with other transparent or coloured powders. I normally buy the one from E.L.F but on this occasion the website was down, so in sheer panic I purchased this one from Mac.

It's slightly more finely milled than the one from E.L.F which is better in my view, as the finish you experience is much more flawless! There were no flashback problems. Then again, I don't think I ever have with these white powders as I just don't apply that much.Only to reduce a little shine in the T-zone area. A pot of this lasted me a good 6mnths, maybe slightly more, but from a price point, the one from E.L.F wins it for me. 


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