Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Makeup Revolution Salvation Eyeshadow Palette | Run Boy Run | Review



Here we have a quick review of  the eyeshadow palette, Run Boy Run by Makeup Revolution. This 18 shade eyeshadow palette was part of a haul purchased a while back, after witnessing once again an amazing copper shade.

A nice mix of warm and cool neutral shades appears in this shimmery arrangement, also featuring a pop of grey. This palette also contains 6 neutral mattes including that all important black.


Left Hand Side:


Once again, some of the shades proving to be a challenge to photograph, as both shades from the middle row and 1 in the bottom right are pink instead of grey. 


Right Hand Side: 



As you can see, the names of these shades are ridiculously long! Talk about a mouthful.  

Most shades performed the usual standard from Makeup Revolution (surprisingly well) with a couple of misses but hey, for £4 (was on offer from £6) they were pretty good. The intensity in some of the shimmery shades was excellent. If some were layered - outstanding! 

Ok! Let's talk about that copper shade - Break Out a From Society. Only two words to describe it - Breathtaking! No kidding, this palette is worth buying just for this shade alone.

I love applying this shade on the eyelid, then pairing this with either You Be My Boy or Another Day to add depth to the crease before finishing with black eyeliner.  To really amp up the look, apply Hide Behind Me before applying Break Out From Society and you got yourself a stunning intense molten metal copper shade! 

Both shades, Day Is A Prophecy and Dying To Stop You, had weak pigmentation although may mean to swatch sheer, as some do. 

I am increasing becoming quite impressed with these palettes from Makeup Revolution considering the price you pay for. During my last visit, I also swatch the Iconic Pro 1 and the Flawless Matte palette and left grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Watch this space! 

What do you think of this palette? Do you own any from Makeup Revolution?



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