Monday, 7 March 2016

Makeup Ramblings - Embracing The Highlighter

Highlighters have played a part in my makeup routine for a good few years now, as I adore how it gives the illusion of plumped youthful cheeks when married with a blusher. Originally began as trend, has now become a regular importance in my makeup routine - just as much as applying mascara. I feel my makeup must've looked so dull and lifeless before discovering this amazing light.

Highlighters, Illuminators, Strobe liquids, whatever you wish to call them, have to be the right formula to glow without emphasising my pores and wrinkles. Formula's can vary from creams, powders, liquids to sticks, so with the right texture and density I can achieve the most stunning luminous glow. I've had a few overpowering ones in my time which for some can easily be toned down using my Real Techniques fan brush. Glittery formula's are a no no for me as they bring attention to my imperfections as well as transforming me into a disco ball! 


Laura Geller's highlighter in French Vanilla, is the perfect example of what a great formula can do, as it begins its life as a cream before baked for 24 hrs. Resulting in a powder that is able to a job so well, a natural everyday glow. 



Having the right tools, can help blend your highlighter to give the most mesmerizing glow or a solid wet look strobe finish, whichever you prefer. There are various ways I like to apply, and my favourite application has to be small circular motions by sweeping across the cheek using my small contour brush or duo fibre (both from Real Techniques),  prior to adding blusher.

If you've found yourself with quite intense one, using a fan brush or a duo fibre is a great tool to use, as it distributes the product more sheer as it gently sweeps across the cheek bone, avoiding that overdone look. 

Not a great a fan of highlighting my nose as it just doesn't suit me well, but have seen it look amazing on others. However, highlighting along the brow bone and in the tear duct area is must have, as it really lifts the look of tiredness from my eyes. 

Another way I love to perk up the skin is by mixing a small amount of liquid formula with foundation, especially during the dull months of Winter to give an all over radiance to the skin and looks like you're lit from within! 

These are just some of the many ways you can use this hugely popular makeup trend that has no plans of leaving us. In fact, Strobing along with Chroming is going to be even bigger this year.  

What do you love about highlighters? 

                                                                  Toni xo


  1. That Laura Geller highlighter looks amazing, I've seen it on blogs a few times and always been drawn to it! xo

    1. Hi Samantha! If you are referring to the Gilded Honey it can also be used all over the skin as it's an illuminator as well.


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