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Hidden Lost Gems That Needs To Be Loved Again | Lip Glosses




With the beauty industry updated continuously with the latest technology, innovations and trends, it's all so easy to forget about those once loved products we'd use and just couldn't live without. We all have those stashed at the bottom of the pile don't we? Those few lip glosses that we'd wear come rain or shine and would gasp or in my case hyperventilate at the slightest notion we should ever run out. 

After having a little root around, I discovered some much-loved gems. I wonder if you shared the same love for these glosses too! 


I loved this shade so much I'd have a backup supply. This was probably my first ever purchase from this fantastic brand that I'm so thrilled to finally see arrive over here - properly! I mean properly in a sense that we, at last, get to experience most of their latest range. (Thank you, Boots!) 

Crème Brulee is the perfect nude to give that sheer wash of colour without compromising on the shade. This gorgeous sweet scented, non-sticky, buttery formula is also great for adding a slick of sheen on top of lipstick. Comfortable is an understatement! If you don't like the feel of lipstick and hate the stickiness of a gloss, you will love this formula. I promise you! Ok, maybe not the longest wearing but hey, who cares? When lip glosses smell this good you'll want to keep reapplying! 


Rimmel Apocalips/Show Off - £3.50

Shade: Nova

Now I'm not sure if these lip lacquers were called Apocalips over here and Show Off in the States. I managed to get a couple of Show Offs and I'm pretty damn sure the texture appeared to be exactly the same! I had other shades in the Apocalips range too, but found them a bit patchy so, I really didn't care much for these.
  However, Nova from the Show Off line was a stunning bright, solid, bubblegum pink. I think I only ever wore this during the Summer due to the intensity of the shade. I think It's time to dig it out again and put it to good use.



Nyx Mega Shine Lip Gloss -£4.00

Shades: Beige and Sugar Pie

Ah, Man! These had a massive following a while back on YouTube. Beige was the must have shade in its day even though it looked nothing like a beige; It is actually a neutral mid-tone pink! I remember pairing this up with Rimmel lip liner - East End Snob. These were also very comfortable and suitable for everyday wear. 

I think every nude lipstick I owned was smothered with a top coat of Sugar Pie due to its slight pearlescent sheen. My lipsticks must have screamed at this gloss (not you again!) as it was paired once again to magically enhance the fullness of the lips and give that extra shine. Slightly more of a stickier texture compared to their butter glosses, it did have more longevity especially when worn over lipstick. 

If there ever were an award for the best-scented drugstore lip glosses it would have to go to Nyx as they smell so good!  

Shade Beige. 


Shade Sugar Pie.


  Do you have any lost makeup gems?

                                                                      Toni. X 


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