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Flawless 32 Eyeshadow Palette | Makeup Revolution

                   makeup revolution flawless eyeshadow palette

After the disappointing experience involving their Iconic Redemption Romantic Smoked palette, I lived in hope that it were just a one off as I've heard nothing but praise in the blogosphere about these damn palettes (starting to feel left out here!)

On my last shopping trip, I totally got sucked in again whilst browsing the Makeup Revolution stand and found this lovely palette featuring an absolutely stunning shimmery Burgundy, and began to salivate! As with any Burgundy shade that comes my way, Cranberry from Mac instantly comes to mind which I love on view but don't own. Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and by it. 

I also nabbed the palette Run Boy Run as this was on offer for £4, which I'm still having a play with.

Now, I don't know if it's just me (changing the subject slightly), but it looked like their stands had got a little wider this time round, like they've expanded the range. Whilst we're on the subject of makeup stands, (may I just go off course here a little !) and just comment on how amazing and on point these new makeup stands actually look now in Superdrug! Mind you, the lights are bit blinding! But nevertheless I think they look quite cool, unlike Boots - still stuck in time warp looking like Grandma's Pharmacy! 


Anyway where were we? Ahh yes...these palettes. You get a lot for £8 here! It consists a mass arrangement of 32 stunning essential shades, consisting of shimmers, satin and mattes. So there's plenty to get creative with.      


Left Hand Side:


Swatches From Top 2 Rows: 

Swatches From Bottom 2 Rows:
Right Hand Side:


Swatches From Top 2 Rows: 


Swatches From Bottom 2 Rows: 


Thoughts on the formula

As you can see from the swatches, they really are something to raise your eyebrows to. Considering I paid only £8. Some of these though were a bugger to photograph. So the shades Buff, Highlite and Lowlite are actually a Pink shade as appose to a Grey shown. 

As I were expecting, with this amount of shades, these were a little powdery and some kicked up some chunks and yes - you are bound to find a few duds in the mix but only a couple which needed building but nothing major. After all it was only £8! However, I do recommend using a primer to ensure long lasting wear.

The pigmentation in the vast majority of these were impressive although some, were better than others. I was pleasantly surprised at how many beautiful looks I was able to create, and used my Pro Fix spray also by Makeup Revolution to really intensify some of the gold shadows when applied to the centre of the lid. This is a really cool trick I like to use to make my lids really pop!  
Apart from being totally blown away from the Copper and Burgundy shade at first glance, I also thought the whole assortment would make a great travel palette, due to the variety of looks I would be able to create. My favourite shade Red Night (Burgundy) applied on form and looked absolutely stunning on the lid.

 All in all, for £8 you've got yourself a gorgeous mix here, and they would make a great starter kit for a make up newbie or as an addition to experiment with new shades without the pricey commitment.  

What are your favourite palettes from Makeup Revolution?

                                                                   Toni. X


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