Friday, 4 March 2016

Eyeshadow Palettes That I Should Love But Don't

I think you'd have to agree, we're all pretty guilty of having those palettes hidden in the back of the drawer that we never reach for.

There's nothing more disappointing than hunting down a hyped up product only to discover that it doesn't work for you. I'm sure we've all been there... right? Of course, there can be all kinds of reasons why this happens whether it's skin tone issues, suitability or product performance to just name a few. 

So I thought I'd share with you a few of mine, however I'm delighted to say there's not that many.

Please bear in mind that what may have not worked for me may work perfectly well for you.


Revealed 2 Palette - Coastal Scents: Price can vary  - link

Considered a dupe for the naked 3 palette and I know you're probably thinking "why get this when you already have Naked 3?". Well, it had more of the deeper berry shades which I'm a big fan of. Initial swatches were beautiful but unfortunately, just didn't transfer that well on the lid. Sometimes, the problem I have when I swatch on my arm is the skin is a lot smoother than it is on my crepey eye lids, so it's always gonna come out better.

The top row in this palette didn't like me at all, whether the shades are a little too warm I don't know! I can't quite get my head around the warm peachier shades in this mix as no matter how hard I try they just don't go well together.
  However, some of the shades in the bottom row and also the matte formula's performed a lot better on me. All in all though, I'm pretty gutted really. You get 20 shades in this palette and most just ended up looking muddy on me and didn't combine well. One thing I will rave about is the first shade on the top row, as the highlighter is beautiful.

 I recognise a lot of you guys love this palette too. Sorry! 


Naked Palette - Urban Decay  £38.00- link

OK...I'm ready for the onslaught But here me out first!

The one that began the naked phenomenon and is probably the top selling eyeshadow palette of all time just didn't do anything for me. Of course, the pigmentation and blend ability are Urban's usual excellent quality but found it a little dull and uninspiring on me. The shade Sin made me look ill and Buck looked too warm, although Hustle and Toasted looked the worst on me! Loved Half Baked and would've loved Sidecar just as much if the fallout wasn't so terrible! The remaining shades just looked hideous and muddy on me; I can't make it work.

Maybe it's just a little too warm for me. What a shame, as I've seen it look absolutely stunning on others. 


Iconic Redemption Romantic Smoked - Makeup Revolution £4.00 - link 

The only palette I own from the freedom/makeup academy creator and have not bought another one since. It consists of 12 shades of assorted mattes and shimmers.  Once again, swatch beautifully on my arm but lacked payoff when applied to the lid. I found that I had to really build up the colour (especially the mattes) to make it work.  Unfortunately, they had no staying power either ( even with primer) and just looked grubby on me. The few shimmers were so so but nothing special. However, this hasn't deterred me from trying more, as there are definitely others I'd like to try.

Maybe I just got unlucky with this one, as I think their blusher palettes are fantastic.

Do you have any that didn't work for you? 

                                                              Toni x



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