Monday, 22 February 2016

My Skincare: Judith Williams: Part 2


Hello everyone!

My gosh! This has been a long post. Are we ready for the next instalment?

Neck and Décolleté Cream 100ml | £28.00 |  From Cura Beauty 

Another firm favourite. How do I put this? It's amazing! My neck area had been taken a bit of a battering in the past due to being a sun worshipper ( "Yeah I know!") and was is in dire need of some TLC. A little goes along way as you don't need much. 
  It's rich and super moisturising and was fast on absorption. I definitely noticed the difference in the tone of my neck area as it was more even and looked less crepey.


Rich Rose Face Cream 150ml | £38.00 | Purchase here 

The size is absolutely huge and lasts for months. A small spatula was provided, which enabled me to apply the right amount to the back of my hand hygienically and then  warmed before applying to face. I love this cream so much. I actually preferred this to the day cream as my skin was able to drink this more and didn't leave a greasy film. 
  It provided the right amount of hydration and my skin looked plumped and felt really smooth, which also helped my make up apply more evenly. 

Initially when it said rich, I thought it would be more greasy than the day cream but it wasn't. It felt luxurious without it being heavy and greasy. It's formulated to be used day and night.  


Rich Rose Eye Cream 30ml | £23.00 | Purchase here 

Yes I know. It's a biggie! Eye creams normally contain only 15ml, so with this one, you are getting double the size! I love this eye cream as its so so moisturising!
  A lot of eye creams used in the past really lacked hydration so by 4pm, my under eye makeup was looking dry, cakey and enhanced my fine lines. After applying this beautiful eye cream, my concealer applied a lot smoother and stayed moisturised all day

Little Tip: 
One thing I would definitely advise you to do regarding using any product, is that you must regularly exfoliate to remove any dead skin. This will help to improve the efficiency of any skincare or makeup product. It really does make a difference!

Overall Thoughts: 
The one thing you would definitely discover, is that the Life Long Beauty range is very nourishing and hydrating. It left my skin super smooth and moisturised throughout the day. I've often had compliments that I don't have any wrinkles. I'm hoping it's down to these.
  Sometimes, these products can be a little too moisturising, especially if I was using the day cream in the warmer months ( from part 1) as my skin really didn't need this. But nevertheless, my skin looked radiant, plumped and supple. 

This range is great for me during the Winter months but may try Judith's Phytomineral or Vitamin C range in the warmer months to see if they give my skin enough moisture, as Life Long Beauty can be a little too rich during these times.

The one thing I will point out and I feel it's an important one, is that I wished the moisturisers contained SPF, especially as I live on the coast where UV damage can be more prevalent.

Have you ever tried Judith Williams Skincare range? 

                                                                    Toni. X


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