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My Skincare: Judith Williams Life Long Beauty : Part 1


During the colder months, I've been really enjoying using a skincare brand that is not available to purchase in any stores; only from QVC UK and Cura As there are quite a few products featured I shall be publishing 2 posts.

Last Winter, my skin really needed a pick me up; my cheeks felt dry, dehydrated and lacked firmness. I'm not normally one to stick to a particular skincare brand as I tend to sway towards offers and promotions from drugstore. As I'm now past 40, I began to see little change in my skin after using these products so felt the need to invest in a more premier line. I was totally sold by this one, after witnessing the presenter's amazing skin.

Judith Williams:

The name is Judith Williams and I don't expect you've heard of her. Well, you might if you live in Germany where her beauty institute is based and also currently takes part in the German version of Dragon's Den. The American born TV presenter and cosmetician, now based in Germany, was originally an opera singer, fashion designer and then became a cosmetician by accident! 
  Judith prides herself in producing high quality, next generation ingredients at affordable prices, which is achieved through having no middle men, no expensive advertising and no cosmetics counters to staff in Dept stores. 
  Her cosmetics and skincare are sell outs in Germany and in the U.K due to high volume of satisfied customers who feel her products actually work. However, I would also like to put this down to Judith's own amazing skin, which I'm sure provides great advertisement (although I'm guessing having good genes certainly plays a part). 

Judith regularly visits QVC UK throughout the year and there are occasions where you can purchase sets during special promotions. I decided to buy some products from her Life Long Beauty Range which claims to help tackle a host problematic issues associated with dry and mature skin. Including improved firmness, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and also protect the skin from premature ageing. 
  The Life Long Beauty range consists of soya peptides and soya isoflavones; for those who understand science which unfortunately I do not and also contains active ingredients to infuse moisture back into the skin, using Shea butter, sweet almond oil and rose essence, which is extracted from the institutes's own grown Rose Centifolia in Grasse, France. 

Although I may have combi - skin, I felt that I needed a Winter regime to protect my cheeks from that biting East coast wind, as it attacks and rips the life out of my skin. 


Since purchasing this product, the packaging has changed and is now sold as Face Lift and Brightening Serum.

Face Lift And Brightening Serum 80ml | £38.00 here or for £36.00 as part of set here 

Serums are normally made with light weight formula's to help really penetrate the skin, to enable to do its job. This one claims to give a temporary lifting effect. My skin drank this instantly and found this so moisturising that I needed to follow up with very little moisturiser, so you save quite a bit on that. Whether or not it lifted my skin I'm not sure but it definitely looked better immediately after application. 
    My skin looked radiant and super smooth, and I felt that this product was a real workhorse as it provided so much hydration. You can also apply this serum right up to below the eye area which is great for that extra boost. This is one of my favourite products used so far and one I cannot be without: it smelt lovely too.


Moisturising Day Cream 50ml | £23.00 | here 

Includes Densilift which is to help tighten slackened skin. A really lovely cream if your skin is super dry. Only suitable for me during the bleak months of Winter during the day otherwise a little too oily for me other times of the year as it can leave a greasy film, so I like to use this for night time.
 I do love this though, as it brought luminosity, hydration and comfort to my dry, chaff skin. After a short time, I felt it had replaced loss hydration and my makeup began to look better and prolonged wear. The fragrance smelt luxurious.


Nourishing Rose Oil 30ml | £23.00 | here 
Also sold as a duo | £26.00 | here

Prior to this one I had just finished a more expensive one from another brand. I used this on its own, over serum or over moisturiser as this helps to seal in moisture for me during colder days. Another product you can use below the eye area which I loved. You can also mix this with your moisturiser if you don't wish you use another step.
  This perfect deep moisturising night time treatment was enhanced by the soothing comforting gentle fragrance and made my skin feel well looked after. In the morning, there was definitely an improvement to my skin, as the redness in my cheeks had subsided quite a bit. But the biggest result was my eleven's (the 2 vertical lines between my brows) as it had really reduced over time as well as my frown lines. This worked better than the one I used prior ( Clarins, shh don't tell them!) and was less expensive. 

Part 2 of my post will feature: Rich Rose Eye Cream, Neck and Décolleté Cream and Rich Rose Moisturiser.

Have you used any of her products? What's your favourite skincare?

                                                                   Toni X


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