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How to prevent your eyeliner from smudging.


Hello, beauties!

Do you know? It's probably one of the most common mishaps people endure with eyeliners. We've all been there haven't we? You've caught yourself resembling Gene Simmons whilst drifting past a shop window. "Oh for pete's sake!" you sigh. Then it's a quick wipe, pretending your eyes are watering, hoping no one noticed, cursing to yourself, another bleed'in failure I've purchased! 

For a while, I'd  stopped wearing it below the lash line through fear of smearing. I've tried a shed load of budget and high end ones and have come to the conclusion that most, will probably need some extra assistance now and again to prevent them from straying from my oily eyes. I suppose I've also got to take into consideration that the muscles around are eyes are moving all the time, so it's a little expected to experience some transfer from time to time.

So I decided to share with you my list of methods and hope you will find one suitable for you.

1: For under eye: Set you concealer with a light dusting of powder. Eyeliners need something dry to grip to so applying powder will help this. The same applies, on the lid near the lash line if not wearing any eyeshadow.

2: Try applying eye primer below the lower lash line. This provides a barrier to stop the eyeliner moving down. This has worked well for me in the past but can be drying"I know...never happy!".


3:  Set the liner whether top or underneath with a shadow the same colour or translucent powder if you don't have the same colour. A method I've often used using a flat liner brush.  

4: Gently dry the waterline using a cotton bud before applying to the waterline and if need be, set with shadow after applying liner.  Drying the waterline will help the liner to adhere more successfully


5: Use a sealer. Gently apply a sealer like Duraline by Inglot with an eyeliner brush over the liner you've just applied. Other sealers available are: Aqua Seal by Makeup Forever and Liquid Eyeliner Sealer from Cinema Secrets. Another method I've tried with success.

6: Apply in layers. A couple of thin layers is better than one thick layer, allow in between drying or set with shadow in between coats.


7:  Think about the formula. Do you have a really oily eye area? Using a soft creamy eyeliner pencil?  Not gonna happen is it? Ditch it for a gel. 

8: Mix a sealer (like Duraline) with shadow and apply as liner. Works like a charm for me!
9: If using liquid liner or liner pens, these may need more drying time as they can be rather wet. You could set with eyeshadow to speed up drying time.

10: Swap your regular liner for a waterproof one. I always grab one that states either waterproof or long lasting, but can sometimes cause dry eyes in the waterline. 

11:  Use eyeshadow as liner below the lower lash line. I use this most of the time as it gives a much softer look to the eye and less likely to smudge.

It's frustrating I know, whilst the rest of your makeup is looking stunning then your eyeliner decides it's wants to explore! You'll be surprised how common this problem is so you're not alone. I do hope you'll find some of these solutions helpful, to stop the smudging demon in its tracks, and trust your liner woes will be a thing of the past. 

Do you know of any other methods?  What works for you?

                                                               Toni X 



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