Monday, 29 February 2016

Brush Cleansing Palette | Real Techniques

real techniques brush cleansing palette review

If you hate brush cleaning, then you're gonna love this latest release from Real Techniques. The Brush Cleansing Palette claims to clean your makeup brushes effectively and quickly limiting that monotonous task loathed by many of us.

Brush cleaning is a process that I never look forward to doing. Who does eh? I managed to have a little play around with this whilst at the course and knew straight away it was to be a future purchase as it was a tool desperately in need.

real techniques brush cleansing palette review

This flexible silicone based palette comes with a strap that's attached behind (where you would slide your hand in) which makes it comfortable and easy to grip. Visible are 3 multi-textured surfaces which is designed to clean various sizes and lengths of brushes. This makes light work by allowing that deep down in between cleaning, removing all the oil and impurities from the bristles. 

So all you need to do is slide on the tool, mix the gel or baby shampoo with water and swirl the brush to clean. It's as simple as that! The shape of the palette also creates a great platform to rest your brushes whilst drying.

real techniques brush cleansing palette review

I purchased mine at Superdrug, Norwich - £12.99 and is also available on line. You also get a couple of samples thrown in of the Brush Cleansing Gel which for a full size bottle is £6.99 and is also available at Superdrug.

Previously, this boring drab job that I'd ashamedly use to put off because I hated it so much was done by swirling the brush into my hand using a mixture of water and baby shampoo. It was messy, ineffective and time consuming. And not forgetting running the risk of over soaking the ferrule, which can cause the bristles to shed. 

real techniques brush cleansing palette review

Oddly enough, I now find myself not minding this chore one bit, as my brush cleaning is now done without the mess and in as little time than it takes to make a cup of tea. The design of the palette which allows for drying was a real bonus and also love using this for storing any dirty brushes waiting for the next wash. 

What do you think of the brush cleaning palette? Do you have one? 

                                                                     Toni. X


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