Monday, 25 January 2016

The Greatest Scrub Of All: Soap And Glory

An exfoliatior or scrub, have been part of my skincare routine since forever! But recently, have had to increase in regularity due to the skin renewal process slowly decreasing, now I've reached a certain age.

  Nowadays, I can't help but think how important that tube of gritty creamed formula really is, as it helps de buff dead weight to reveal new brighter skin. It allows your moisturisers to work far more effectively, by enabling it to reach the areas where needed and not to forget that it helps your makeup glide on and sit far better as well

Lately, I've been enjoying using one from fun packaging brand Soap and Glory as I was after a more gentle formula than my last one, (as it were too abrasive) hoping it'll discourage increased redness from my cheeks whilst doing its thing. I purchased mine from Boots - £9.00 here

150ml is a generous size and will ensure many months of scrubbing! The scrub contained a very fine formula of gentle silicami particles and salicylic acid - loaded scrub beads which ensured a comfortable non scratchy application and was also enhanced by the slight minty fragrance.

Was this the greatest scrub of all?:

Now that's quite a claim! There's no denying that this is a great scrub and one I shall be repurchasing. This mild minty formula, gently removed dead skin without any irritation and rinsed with ease, leaving my skin fresh and super smooth.

Have you tried Soap and Glory?

                                                                Toni x


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