Friday, 29 January 2016

Storage Solutions For Your Cosmetics


Now, this is something that could be very useful!

I know this would never be large enough to store my ever increasing makeup collection (I have drawers for those) but think this is fantastic for housing my makeup brushes, so my tools are always at hand. I have also stored a few other skincare essentials as well.

For a while, I'd been storing my brushes in the Pinterest favourites: the skurar plant pots from IKEA, which are really pretty. As, much as I loved them, the amount of pots I had ended up looking rather untidy and cluttered. Luckily, I found my latest discovery at my local Homebase store - £19.99. 

It measures: 38cm x 10cm x 16cm

The storage comes with 13 individual compartments, deep enough to hold your brushes and also contains 3 very handy little drawers; superb for storing hair grips and bands, cotton wool and buds, tweezers, anything you wish.

I think this is so much tidier than what I had before and it looks great too! 

What do you think? 

                                                             Toni X 


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