Friday, 1 January 2016

Most Unique Discovery 2015 : Duraline by Inglot

inglot duraline eyeshadow sealer review

Remember She-laq from Benefit?...of course you do. It worked as a sealer, right? You know, that was the only product that gave me a fighting chance of wearing eyeliner that stood in place. I still find it a bit of a mystery as to why they discontinued it. So after a few years of having to endure eye looks mimicking Alice Cooper, I managed to find a new discovery - Duraline by Inglot £8, which also transforms any shadow to a liquid liner and is waterproof. Have you heard of Inglot?

Who is Inglot?

Inglot cosmetics was founded by the late Wojciech Inglot, who was born during communist Poland. He was a chemist entrepreneur who initially didn't set out to work in cosmetics. He was later inspired by it during a visit to the United States of America where he discovered it to be a thriving industry. During the eighties when Poland began its transition to the market economy, he produced a nail polish range which was an instant success. The custom arranged freedom palettes and the breathable nail polishes, are some of the few products that played a huge part in their international success. Today, Inglot stores are found in countries across the world; a brand in my view, that breathes colour, vibrancy and individuality, and is found in the many kits of professional makeup artists and makeup fans.

                  inglot duraline eyeshadow sealer review

Ready to produce an eyeliner?

Inglot are one of the few makeup brands that have produced a sealer. Have you ever wished you had an eyeliner the same colour as your favourite eyeshadow shade? Yeah sure, you can apply shadow using an eyeliner brush or a smudge brush, but still you'd kinda struggle to achieve that smooth wing liner with it, don't you. As we all know - not all shadows can be applied wet. Even so - it's not the quite the same, is it?

With Duraline, a tiny drop is all you need. The small pipette from the tiny bottle makes the process simple. I like to apply to the corner of the shadow pan or on the back of my hand and then apply with my Real Techniques small eyeliner brush. Have a little practise on the back of your hand first as colour may need building. You have now created a smooth gorgeous eyeliner shade. It's makes it pretty long wearing too! 

                 inglot duraline eyeshadow sealer review

Got a dried up pot of gel liner? Even better! Just apply a drop or 2 into the pot and you've got yourself an eyeliner as good as new - quite impressive, huh! Don't you just love multi-tasking products that make your life easier? 

Do you have Duraline? Have you found any other uses? 

                                                                             Toni xo 

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