Friday, 15 January 2016

Kiko Milano Nail Lacquer


I first discovered Kiko many years ago during my days working opposite Lakeside shopping centre, and it was whilst taking a short cut through House of Fraser on my journey home, I noticed a small stash of discontinued items on one of the makeup counters. I nabbed a single eyeshadow as there wasn't much else left!

A number of years later, their stores began to pop up in various parts of the country, although very few far and between. I'm really fortunate to have in-laws that live near the massive Westfield shopping centre, Stratford, which is where you'll find one of Kiko stores. A visit is always one of my top priorities when ever I'm in London; Kiko that is, never mind the in-laws - just kidding! I absolutely love their stores. The vast array of products, colours and even the music just makes me want to loiter around just that bit longer.

During my last visit I picked up some Kiko Nail Lacquer as they have an awesome range of shades and were so ridiculously cheap. I paid £2.50, (crazy I know!) And they're often on offer online as well. There are 155 SHADES to choose from, right across the colour spectrum, so you are bound to find something you'll love.

The shades on the bottle were labelled in numbers; no names. 






I half expected them to be patchy, sheer and chip in no time. Well, they certainly proved me wrong! These polishes performed pretty good for the price and are far better than some of my higher-end ones. The colours applied solid and true to the shade in the bottle - I only needed 2 coats to complete the look. I work in retail so my hands get knocked about quite a lot, a breeding ground for easy chipping. These polishes lasted about 3-4 days without top or base coat - pretty good in my view! I shall definitely head back for some more next time and perhaps grab some really eye catching colours! 

What do you think of Kiko nail polishes?

                                                                      Toni xo

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