Friday, 30 December 2016

Beauty Gifts I Received This Christmas

Hi, everyone! 

I hope you all had a good Christmas and hope Santa not only brought you some amazing gifts but kept everyone safe and healthy too! Mine was very hectic as I had family members over to stay. 

Being a huge beauty junkie meant the likelihood of receiving beauty gifts was always going to be very high! Here's what I got. 


Friday, 23 December 2016

Makeup For Christmas Day


Hi everyone! Where has the year gone? I can't quite believe it's now the season of goodwill and will be celebrating Christmas in just a couple of days. When it comes to glamour on Christmas Day some of you may feel it's the last thing on your mind, and see this as the ideal opportunity for lazing around in your onesie (I wish!) However, for others, they may see this as the perfect excuse to get glammed up. I'm kind of in-between the two - war paint with slippers! Haha! Time is of the essence, so I'll be sporting a simple but bold look featuring a winged liner a Red lip. 


Monday, 19 December 2016

Becca | Blushed with Light Palette: Limited Edition

becca blushed with light palette review 

becca blushed with light palette review 

It's always incredibly exciting when any high-end brand decides to release a blusher palette - especially like the ones we've seen recently, featuring a variety of glorious shades to play around with at a more appealing price than buying these separately. For some reason, I've never been one to hoard that many singles from the higher-end bracket (probably due to the cost) as I felt formulas from our cheaper counterparts do a pretty decent job in providing a good range of colours for everyday wear. But I was also aware of the fact that it's often on these rare occasions I knew I was going to experience something pretty special when it comes to a luxury brand and found myself surrendering to this limited edition offering from Becca
Blushed With Light Palette, after witnessing this on Instagram. 


Friday, 16 December 2016

Recent Black Friday Haul featuring Milani, Charlotte Tilbury and more...

Hi everyone!

I think it's safe to say there was a lot of us makeup fans eagerly waited with anticipation to see what offers were going to be featured during the recent Black Friday week. On the whole, I think there were some pretty good deals to be had. Here's what I got.

Shortly after receiving these, I got really sick! So I haven't had the chance to test these out properly, Hopefully, I'll get to use these now I'm feeling a little better. 



Monday, 12 December 2016

Let Eucerin Look After Your Skin This Winter!

Eucerin AtoControl Skincare Review

I was absolutely over the moon when skincare brand Eucerin asked if I would like to try some of their products. With Winter fast approaching and living by the sea meant that my skin had often been a victim from the harsh elements it brings. The sharp sudden change in temperatures (leaving a toasty warm environment, to the freezing cold outdoor air) can play havoc with my skin. And also for my daughter who has in the past suffered some terrible eczema flare ups mainly during the Winter months (although at the moment was under control).

I thought it would be a great opportunity to discover a bit more about the brand and to see if there was anything we could slip into her existing regime. As you can imagine, being eczema prone can make product choices very difficult and limited to the point where you can only use one product to wash AND moisturise with, which for a 15 year old doesn't exactly make this the most glamourous way to enjoy skincare. So, it's no cutely packaged bath bombs and no highly scented products for her. 


Friday, 9 December 2016

The Perfect Gift for the Geller Fan: Lights Of Venice 8 Piece Luminous Collection

Laura Geller Lights of Venice 8 Piece Luminous Collection

Imagine opening this gorgeous collection on Christmas morning. Know someone who's a Laura Geller fan? Or how about an early treat for yourself to wear for the party season.  

This collection comes beautifully packaged and features 8 pieces that includes the brand new Balance 'n' Glow Foundation which you cannot buy on its own yet. So, if you crave for that luminous glow, then this is your only way to get your hands on this is by purchasing this collection.  I personally think this would also be a welcome addition to bring some life to the skin now the weathers turning. When ordering, the only thing you have to do is quote which foundation shade you require: Porcelain, Fair, Medium, Tan or Deep. Collection is available from QVCUK - £54.12. However, you can pay for this in 4 easy pays of £13.53.


Friday, 2 December 2016

10 Confessions of a Beauty Blogger


I hadn't quite realised that last week I'd published my hundredth post!  So I thought it would be fun and the perfect time to publish one of these light-hearted posts where I share all the things that I meant to do as a Blogger, but don't! (Naughty Blogger!) Plus, I've also featured some of the other bizarre things I do as well! I hope I'm not alone here. Are you guilty of any of these?

1. Your ideas for blog posts arise in the most strangest of places!

Yeah, like whilst in the shower! - Seriously? Must be the heat massaging my brain!
Ermm...yeah, enough about that one! Let's move swiftly on, shall we?

2. I never use Google Analytics! 

I must be the only person that doesn't share much love for this, what-so-ever! I suppose if you see your blog as more of a business or is something you do full-time, then I totally get the importance of using this tool. They often share their love for google analytics and how it helps to improve their blog - and I'm sure it probably does! But the truth is, I don't understand any of it because it involves too many numbers and analysis I haven't got a clue about! Unfortunately, the bit I do understand is too bloody depressing to read! It's an app I never visit!

3. The White marble background isn't as marbled as you think! 

No, I don't possess a top of the range kitchen you'll find in one of those House magazines (House porn as I like to call them because of the amount of "ooing" and "ahhing" you do over the textures and colours!) So, for me, I've had to improvise by using MDF and Fablon! For a long time, I tried to steer away from using this type background because it's featured on quite alot of blogs. But I found as time went on, something was needed to fill the gap in between the products (hence the soft marble effect) and help bring everything together.  

4. I don't own a DSLR! 

I don't posses a decent camera either! Hubby has got a nice one so I might try and make an effort to learn how to use it in the new year. But for now, I just use either my IPhone or IPad to take pictures. I also adjust the lighting of the pictures using Snapseed, which is a brilliant app and is very handy to use on my IPad.  However I do plan in the future to try and start adjusting them on the desktop instead, just to see if it makes any diffrence. I wish my photos looked so much better than it does at the moment. As in saying that, when you compare them with some of my older posts, it's definitely got better!

5. I've spent more money than I should on my blog!

On numerous occasions, I am totally guilty of buying things simply because you know it'll make good writing material and be popular, which is just a plain daft really! Plus Instagram is the worst place to be when you're resisting that urge to splurge!  Next year I plan on buying a lot less but concentrating more on the higher-end purchases as most of the time these work better on me. Also you find you're buying more accessories, which moves us on 6....

6. And the accessories have become out of control too!

But you're not buying for the house, it's for the pigging blog! So, other than shopping at the usual haunts, you find yourself wondering around in other places like Tiger or even New Look for accessories all because it might look that little more Instagram worthy! Madness! 

7. I still can't get to grips with this SEO thingy!

I'll admit, I still don't hundred percent know how to get my posts featured on the first page on google, (when someone searches on google using a specific keyword and your post is featured on the first page. It helps to gain more traffic to your blog). I kind of know about using certain keywords within the first paragraph of your post and also throughout, but that's just about it! Oh, and I also know that if my blog was a "dot com" instead of  a "dot blogspot", that'll also improve my SEO ranking too! Hopefully in the new year (lot's planned in the new year) I'll finally get my own domain.

8. Twitter Scheduling. I'm SO BAD at it! 

To be honest, I'm not a massive fan of Twitter. I much prefer Instagram as I feel a picture can say a thousand words! So, when it comes to promoting my posts, I don't schedule half as much tweets as I should do. I just find it so boring, and to be honest, when I'm not at work, I seem to spend so much time on my blog; my family and those dreaded house chores needs my attention too! Plus, I use to worry alot about spamming on other people's feed. However, this is something I really need to improve on. I mean, who wouldn't want new followers and brands to discover them.

9. I need to up my word description game!

It looks as though you've become obsessed with the words Creamy, Buttery and Smooth! Pigmented is another descriptive word that's over used. Unfortunately, sometimes, these are the only words to describe that particular product. It's just so same-y though!

10. I don't own a media kit either!  

If I want more brands to work with me, then I may need to get my skates on with regards to this one! The thing is, and this is kind of going back to why I find Google Analytics depressing, is that my stats would be too laughable to share with brands; and is one of the reasons I don't approach them either! At the moment, I only see my blog as a hobby, but the fact that I'm publishing twice a week, one can't help but come to the conclusion that I take this blogging a lot more seriously than I think I do. Despite getting the opportunity to work with some brands, so far, I haven't been asked for one, although I'm sure that will change in the future.

There's probably tons more I do wrong so I might need to do a follow-up post. 

What are your blogger confessions!

      Toni. xoxo


Monday, 28 November 2016

Love, Like, Loathe! Budget Concealers

Love, Like, Loathe! Budget/Drugstore Concealers

In this post, I'll be sharing a round-up of drugstore concealers that I've loved, liked and loathed throughout this year.
 There are some that I've loved that much I've repurchased. Some that I liked but for some reason won't be the obvious choice for me in the future. And some I absolutely hated!

For me, concealers are a staple product to use for covering the under eye area so it looks like I've had a good nights kip. I don't sport the most darkest of circles but do have eye bags which I know no matter what I do nothing will get rid of them entirely! Despite this, I still like to look I've made some sort of effort in trying to hide them by making the skin look more even toned. Before applying any concealer, regardless of whatever brand that may be, I always use a Peach corrector for covering and neutralising the actual shadow of those damn eye bags! 


Friday, 25 November 2016

Review: Too Faced | Primed & Poreless Pressed Powder

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pressed Powder Review

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pressed Powder Review

After finishing what seemed to be my umpteenth pot of the E.L.F Studio High Definition White Finishing Powder, I thought it was about time I tried something else. Don't get me wrong, I like the one from E.L.F, but like with a lot products; not only does the novelty begin to wear off after a while, you kinda get use to that initial effect you experience at the beginning.

For the past few years, I've always enjoyed the white stuff as I find they don't add extra coverage, nor tamper with my foundation shade. I also find they brighten my dull neutral complexion just nicely, and haven't experience much of that whitish cast look that some people seem to struggle with, or even flashback. Perhaps its the natural oils in my skin that's preventing this, I'm not sure.


Monday, 21 November 2016

Review : Makeup Revolution | New-trals vs Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette

If these shades don't float your boat, I don't think anything will. During 2016, we experienced a slight twist to our neutral shades, giving us a rather different flavour than we're so use to when it comes to our palettes. These popular combinations involving: Peach, Corals, Burnt Oranges and Plummy/Raspberry tones has resulted in constant sell-outs from any brand that features them. Like I said in an earlier post: if you missed out on the Sweet Peach or can't be arsed to chase Morphe's 35O, or your budget can't quite stretch to the Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills, or, like me, can't justify purchasing another high-end palette, this might be just what you need. And it won't break the bank either! 

  If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen me flirting quite a bit with this eye-catching palette - New-trals vs Neutrals by Makeup Revolution. I've gotta hand it to them; for a drugstore palette, these warmer tones have got to be the most diverse arrangement I've ever come across. I've been "umming and ahhing" for months on whether to get this, but once Autumn was upon us, the decision was made. It's autumnal feel is suited to a tea, although I couldn't help but notice it also has a rather nice Spring/Summer appeal to it well; so, it's little wonder why these arrangements have been so popular! Ok; let's do some nit picking and check out some more of these shades, shall we?!


Friday, 18 November 2016

Affordable Skincare Haul Featuring Nivea

Affordable Skincare Achieved Using Nivea. Nivea Skincare Review

I was recently enjoying a body care product from the Nivea range, the Rich Nourishing Body Lotion when this package arrived filled with all these goodies from those lovely people from Nivea. It couldn't've come at a better time! 

Nivea (a name coming from the Latin word meaning snow white) has been looking after our skins for generations. The familiarity of their signature scent is something that we all know and love, but it's their ability in providing great skin care products that's affordable and is suitable for all regardless of need, and continues to be loved from all parts of the globe.


Monday, 14 November 2016

Review : Hylamide HA Blur Primer

Hylamide HA Blur Primer Review

I'm beginning to really love this brand! No one is singled out when it comes to providing products for solutions as they are suitable for everyone! Deciem is having a good spell on the blog as this is the second review published in less than 10 days. So, as you would have probably gathered, Hylamide is another brand that's under the Deciem umbrella, and earlier on this year they released a range of primers from their Finisher Series; HA Blur was one of them, which introduced us to something rather different to the traditional formulas we're used to.


Friday, 11 November 2016

Pretty and Practical Storage Solutions for your Makeup

acrylic makeup storage

No matter how little you have, makeup has a tendency of looking cluttered and spilling all over the place! It doesn't take much for your dressing table to look like a bomb's hit it, does it? Even in drawers, product gunk can play its part (concealers, I'm looking at you!) and let's face it, none of us has the time or the inclination to rummage through makeup early in the mornings, so perhaps some little storage would go a miss.

Of course, there are hundreds of ideas out there. Anything from perfume gift boxes, makeup bags to even empty Ferrero Rocher boxes are some of the things used to keep that untidiness at bay. Today, I'll be showing you some other options that will not only give you storage, they'll look pretty on your dressing table too! Hopefully, these might get the ole brain juices flowing and help you think of other ways to use these too!


Monday, 7 November 2016

The Ordinary: Is it anything but?

Never, have I been so excited to try a skincare care brand as much as this one. The buzz surrounding  this was "extraordinary!" My purse was crying "happy tears".  At last, our prayers have been answered. Access to these proven effective anti-aging ingredients that are featured in some of the most expensive products in the industry needn't cost the earth for us ordinary folk anymore! So out goes the fancy packaging and the high price tag, as Deciem, The Abnormal Beauty Company decided it's time things changed. Time we discovered the truth and time we discovered The Ordinary. 

If you've yet to discover The Ordinary then you really are missing something special, as this brand brings those well-known ingredients for as little as £4.90. So it's hardly surprising they've become an overnight success! I recently wrote a blog post sharing my thoughts on this exciting launch, including a link for their regime guide, details of purchase and what it could mean for the likes of you and me, which you can read here.


Friday, 4 November 2016

Shades Of Autumn: My latest go-to's

Shades Of Autumn, My Make Up Picks

Hi, everyone!

As Autumn is now in full swing, I thought I'd share with you some of the products I've been loving recently and have really helped me transition to these darker colder months. I'm normally a Summer person as I hate the Autumn and Winter months. I hate being cold and having the colds that accompanies with this time of year. However, beyond that, it's quite surprising how a little change in your colour palette can help lift and embrace (I'll use that term lightly, haha!) this time of year.


Monday, 31 October 2016

Looking for a gentle highlighter on a budget? I might just have the answer, and it's one I absolutely love!

Wet n Wild Colour Icon Bronzer Reserve Your Cabana as a Highlighter

Hi everyone. Happy Halloween!

Today, I'm sharing with you a product that's an absolute gem in my view, and one that I can't stop wearing despite owning some real high-end beauties in my collection - Wet n Wild Colour Icon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana - but not as a bronzer - as a highlighter! If you're after a gentle highlighter on a budget and have really struggled to find one, then this one could definitely fit the bill. 

If you use Wet n Wild on a regular basis, you'll probably be familiar with the 3 shades that form part of the Colour Icon bronzer range. A shade called Reserve Your Cabana is the lightest of the 3 and was specifically formulated for people with very pale skin tones, but to my discovery earlier on this year this makes a fabulous everyday highlighter as well.


Friday, 21 October 2016

Sharing My Entire Nyx Lip Collection, including swatches

my entire nyx lipstick collection

Hello, fellow beauty fanatics!

So here it is, the post you've all been waiting for - or at least I hope?!

When it comes to lipsticks from the drugstore, Nyx is one of my all time favourites brands for finding a whole variety of on-trend shades. I recently posted a picture on Instagram sharing all my Nyx liquids and lipsticks asking whether I should write a blog post on them, and going by the number of likes, it seems that idea was well received. If you're not following me on Instagram yet and like makeup themed photos, then do pop over and give us a nudge. As I too, am always looking for new makeup laden photos to follow.


Monday, 17 October 2016

Lush | Lip Scrub & Shampoo Bar

lush haul

Many moons ago, I worked near Lakeside shopping centre where there was a Lush store which I never visited, (it's still there by the way.)  As most shopping centre's are, everything was under one roof, which for me made the process to shop at Lush quite difficult and off putting, as I felt it contained the heavy scents from the store that much more! It was so overpowering, it would knock me for six every time I walked past.

Since moving to the East coast, my nearest is now Norwich - still heavily scented mind you but it's much more nose friendly as this ones on the high street, so that heavy scent is able to evaporate that bit more. On my last visit, I picked up a shampoo bar and a lip scrub.


Friday, 14 October 2016

Discovering Sheet Masks and How I Got 11 For Under a Tenner!

Tony Moly Sheet Masks

Skincare treatments that involve you resembling something like "Phantom of the Opera" or a "horror movie" have become quite a regular scene on our shores for sometime now, and this is all thanks to the same region that brought you the original BB cream which is - Korea (South.)  


Monday, 10 October 2016

The Ordinary - the brand we're all talking about!

The Ordinary

Hi, everyone!

Skincare brand of the moment, Deciem, the umbrella company to other successful brands Niod, Fountain and Hylamide, has got everyone creating a lot of noise and excitement due to their latest creation, The Ordinary.


Friday, 7 October 2016

Autumn Wish List

Thanks to my kids, the little cherubs, I'm full of cold at the mo and sound like Darth Vader! Hopefully, this'll be long gone before I go away for a little holiday, and thought in the meantime I'll create my very first wish list full of expensive goodies to buy whilst away, here on the blog! I mean, who doesn't have expensive taste? Knowing my luck I'll probably end up adding some of these to my Christmas wish list. 


Monday, 3 October 2016

Product Empties #2

Product Empties #2

Product empties is a post I always forget to do!!! I keep a little gift bag under my dressing table just for these and is often filled with everyday skincare, as to actually finish a makeup product (unless it reached holy grail status for that moment) is a once in blue moon activity! There's quite a few to get through, so I'll try and make these short and sweet! 


Friday, 30 September 2016

Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges

real techniques miracle mini eraser sponges

Just when you thought Real Techniques had pretty much produced every tool you there is, out pops 3 new sponges - the Miracle Mini Eraser, the Diamond and the Sculpting sponge. (There goes my spending ban!!!)


Monday, 26 September 2016

Disappointing Liquid Lipsticks

Disappointing Liquid Lipsticks

With revolutionary formulas promising intense pigmentation in just one swipe, liquid lipsticks have become the must have item to have in your make up bag resulting in every brand creating their own formula. We also expect these to be comfortable and long-wearing too! 

We all know matte formulas can be quite drying on the lips, and at times may need the assistance of a lip scrub and a lip balm before application. However there are always gonna be some that still don't perform as well as you hoped, and I for one have been really disappointed with these few I'll be showing you today. 


Friday, 23 September 2016

How To Leave A Clickable Link In The Comments Section

Hi, everyone!

Something slightly different in today's post! I'll be sharing how to create a clickable blog link to leave in the comments section in other blog posts so readers can be redirected to your blog. 

During the early days of blogging, there's no denying, learning the ropes when you're a technophobe can be pretty overwhelming and intimidating! I don't consider myself an expert by no means and have still an awful lot to learn. So whether you're just starting out or it's just something that's past you by, I thought I'd share one of the easiest and most effective ways of creating a clickable blog link. 


Monday, 19 September 2016

Review: Morphe 35P Colour Plum Eyeshadow Palette

Morphe 350P Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hi, everyone! 

There's been a lot talk recently from other bloggers sharing their love of the things Autumn and I've got to admit, I didn't exactly welcome the new season with open arms! I was never one to embrace  this "topsy tervy" climate we endure here in ole Blighty! Although the recent Indian Summer has  stalled the Autumn season that bit longer. Luckily, I had a new palette waiting in the wings ready to be trialled - one of those large Morphe palettes, sharing the Autumn plummy tones of the 35P. 


Friday, 16 September 2016

Great Makeup Tools From Bdellium Tools, Zoeva And Tarte


This post has been sitting in my draft for ages as it keeps getting overlooked!

I love my brushes from Real Techniques, But when you're a total makeup hoarder like me, one struggles to resist the urge to try other brands. I mean - it's for the blog, right?  As when you become a blogger, it isn't too long before you start to use this as an excuse when it comes to buying anything!


Monday, 12 September 2016

Makeup Jargon For Beginners: Using Eyeshadow

Hi, everyone!

I recently had a colleague at work approach me enquiring about some of the terminology used when applying eye makeup. This gave me an idea to publish a post describing what these mean along with some of the tools needed to apply.

When glancing at the immaculate glossy eye images on Instagram, it can be quite easy to fall into the trap thinking that's how every eye makeup should look and you can never wear it.  You can achieve looks just as beautiful using just a single shadow and most certainly don't need to have spend years at art school to learn how to hold a brush! Just a little practice is all you need. 


Friday, 9 September 2016

Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm. Is It Worth The Hype?

Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm Review

You're probably all familiar with the story that's fairly old news now from YouTuber Nikkie from Nikkie Tutorials, where she forgot to pack her moisturiser for a stay over at her boyfriend's, and then decided to use his post shave balm (yes, a product that is designed for MEN!) and used it not only as moisturiser but a primer as well.

Since that story was broken to rest of the us, hoards of women have found themselves venturing down the men's section and stocking up on this magic potion, resulting in claims that it can even outperform some of best primers on the market (really?)


Monday, 5 September 2016

Sample Woes At The Beauty Counter

Hi, everyone!

Now before I begin, I just want to point out that I am in no way bashing our beauty consultants. They only do what they've been instructed to do.... It's the brands themselves I'm a little frustrated with! 


Friday, 2 September 2016

Last of the Shopping Buys

NYX HD Concealer, Seventeen Skin WoW Concealer, Rimmel Kate Rock n Roll Nude, Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Balm

Hi, everyone!

I thought I'd share these last few remaining items that I picked up whilst visiting my friend in Chichester. I've now put myself on a spending ban! CRIKEY! THAT'S GOING TO BE HARD! Just for a couple of months, anyway! 


Monday, 29 August 2016

Goodies From Kiko Sale

Hi, everyone! 

Shopping at Kiko is a once in a blue moon activity for me, (and a very therapeutic one too!) during that odd occasion when I can escape from the fringes of this seaside town. Shopping wise, the town centre only provides the basics and there isn't much else on offer unless you're after buckets and spades. We're also at the end of the line here which can only mean one thing; when you want something extra special, you have to travel more further a field; or in my case, further inland which is normally Norwich.


Friday, 26 August 2016

5 Great Makeup Products For Under £5 #1

Great Makeup Buys for under £10,

Great Makeup Buys for under £10,

Hello, fellow beauties!

I thought it would be great to start up a nice little bargain post series on products that are £5 and under to celebrate all things good about drugstore makeup. Hasn't it come on a storm in last 5 or so years? You have to agree, we've certainly seen some changes over the years and it's probably at its best EVER in terms of quality. Of course, there is soo much out there now and it would be really difficult to name every one in one long blog post that's worthy of a mention. So after having a good ole rummage and getting lost into my never ending labyrinth of makeup, (I wish!) I finally managed to narrow it down to 5, which was really hard to do. So here it is! Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Mini Haul From Space.NK

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champange Split in Flowerchild/ Champange Pop & Emma Hardie Amazing Face Starter Kit

Look at me publishing on a Wednesday!

When visiting unexplored territories, it's always a real treat when you discover and browse around stores that you don't have closer to home. Space.NK is one of them, and I haven't shopped there since leaving ole London Town, 20 odd years ago, (I know! Way too long!) My nearest store is now Cambridge, which is a good 2 hrs away by train. So we really could do with one in Norwich. Something that is long-overdue in my humble opinion, which has one of the few decent shopping areas in all of East Anglia.   


Monday, 22 August 2016

Discovering Products from Nu Skin

Nu Skin Epoch Marine Mud Mask and Contouring Lip Gloss

Nu Skin Epoch Marine Mud Mask

Nu Skin Epoch Marine Mud Mask

Nu Skin is a brand that sells premium anti-ageing products, haircare and cosmetics, and claims they are formulated using the latest technology in cosmetology science. Originally founded in the US, it is commonly known as one of those multi-level marketing companies, where their customers often become the distributors themselves, selling the products to the general public - a bit like Avon, if you like. I discovered this brand only recently, through my cousin who lives in Spain, and also a niece of a friend who lives in the UK who kindly sent me some products to try. Today, I'll be sharing with you a Mud Mask, a sample of Sole Solution Heel Cream and their Contouring Lip Gloss in Clear. 


Friday, 19 August 2016

Mini Haul From Makeup Geek

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows and Eyeliner Review

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows and Eyeliner Review

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows and Eyeliner Review

Yes, I'm very late to the party, aren't I? But I wanted to wait for the country to "calm down" after the initial arrival of US brand, Makeup Geek, as I felt these were featured on every blog known to man! You know, I can be a bit of a funny bugger at times, as when something that has been hyped up to the hill as these shadows, I can find it off putting, and often encourage me to turn in the opposite direction! Of course, there's no need to apologise! After all, we all love sharing what we love! 


Monday, 15 August 2016

Artis Oval Brush Dupe from EBay

If you're a complete makeup junkie like I am, you'll will have seen these odd looking brushes floating around in the blogosphere for quite a while now, and probably also discovered just how "bloody expensive" a set of these would cost you if you were to buy from designer brush brand Artis. Despite the fact that they can be purchased separately, a large foundation brush similar to the one I have would still set you back around £40!!! Still too expensive? Don't fret my friends, as I have something that's much more purse friendly to show you, and one that's not going to force you to take out a second mortgage! 


Monday, 8 August 2016

The Fragrance Wardrobe #Summer

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, Balenciaga Florabotanica

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, Balenciaga Florabotanica

There's nothing quite as luxurious a bottle of perfume, is there?! A fragrance from an atomiser can say so much about you as we all have our own signature scent. I like my fragrance to communicate as much as possible but in an uplifting, sensuous but delicate and dreamy manner, by captivating their senses leaving them wondering and intrigued by the heavenly scent. 

When it comes to any perfume, I stay well away from that heavy cloying scent and tend to gravitate towards either fresh, delicate florals, perhaps slightly fruity and sometimes the odd woody notes maybe thrown in. Today, I'm sharing you my two loves I've been enjoying this Summer. 


Monday, 1 August 2016

Pack 'n' Go! Holiday Essentials

By the time this goes out live, I'll be well on my way for a nice long break! Due to my annoying fear of flying, (although never use to be!) it's a staycation for us this year at Butlins. I'm so looking forward to having everything done for me for a change. No cooking, cleaning and washing, 2 weeks off work and someone else to entertain the kids for a while, even though they're no longer babies. Oh! Just so you'll know! There will be only one post this week and next!

Yes, you may think this is a rather bizarre concoction of products that's featured here, but rather than share everything but the kitchen sink, I thought I'd share the few that help me spend less time stuck in a hotel room getting ready, and more getting out and about enjoying the sights.   

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