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Pixiwoo Make-up Course

In case you've been living under a rock, Sam and Nic are Pixiwoo! They are super talented and stunningly beautiful makeup artists that have been sharing  makeup tutorials on their YouTube channel for quite a number of years, now. They are also the masterminds behind the brush designs for the hugely successful brand Real Techniques.

Wow, what a week that was! I received an amazing opportunity to attend the Pixiwoo Make-up course, back in November this year. Prior to the course, I hadn't had any experience in applying make-up other than on myself. I had spent so many years reading books and magazines and recently began watching YouTube tutorials to feed my fix! One day, I'd like to perhaps become a make up artist or possibly work behind the makeup counter. Can you imagine? Having access to all those products! Luck was in my favour as I only live just over an hour's ride away from Norwich, where the course is held. The course ran for 5 days, between 10:00-4:00 including a lunch break.

Day 1: I was ever so anxious on the first day. When I made it at the entrance, Sam approached me, shook my hand and said "Hi, I'm Sam" as if I didn't recognise who she was, haha! That did make me chuckle! I then proceeded to the studio where some of the ladies had already arrived. Nic, then asked us to all to take turns to introduce ourselves. After that, I think the nerves started to begin to settle a little for us all!  Each day, we changed partners which was great, as it gave us the perfect opportunity to experience different skin tones and types and to also get to know each other that bit more!

They'd moved premises earlier this year and I think you'd have to agree, their new studio looks awesome! I loved the LED light mirrors. I couldn't believe I was really here! It seem so surreal. Seeing my name on the chair made me feel really special! I was truly honoured to be here!

Oh my! I have never seen so much makeup in one place - have you? I felt a little overwhelmed to say the least! I mean, just look at it! I took the opportunity to swatch and use as many products I could possibly get my hands on. Foundation was the hardest, as there were just so many, and got to admit, it was a bit of a nightmare finding the right shades! Can you imagine how many looks you could create with all this amount?  

Our first tutorial involved creating a natural look. My partner was Ines. She needed very little makeup as she had such great skin. I wished I had applied more as the colours didn't show up well in the photo which is something I didn't quite get the hang of until later on in the week. I used the naked basic 2 palette on her eyes.


Day 2: Bridal looks was the tutorial of the day. I'm not sure why this happened, my confidence plummeted to such a low level, I felt as though I was going to have a PANIC ATTACK! Nobody knew this as I managed to just about hold it together! I think when you're so passionate about a something, SO MUCH, and have absorbed so much information for so long, you kind of expect yourself to be able to deliver the goods straight away be perfect, I suppose! I just felt my brain wasn't communicating with my hands, and soon realised applying on yourself is one thing -  applying on someone else is a whole different board game!

We also found out the business side of being a make up artist as bridal is where you can earn the most money. Amy, another makeup artist that works at the course, was also there to lend a hand (she's great!) My partner was Katie, and she also had great skin. I really struggled to do brows! Luckily, Nic came to my rescue and also shared a really great tip. To choose a brow pencil with a hard tip. That way the colour won't apply too strong and lasts longer too. Amy showed me how to apply eyeliner as I was applying too gently! My overall application was just too light handed as I was so scared of over doing it! Again, I failed the photo test. I used eye shadows from Mac, this time.

Day 3: Drag make up, the one I was most nervous to do. You see, I'm not naturally creative, I have to learn to be. Nic was applying today's tutorial. The mystery surrounding the pritt stick, which we discovered earlier in our trays was revealed - to smooth out the eye brows then apply concealer to cover them. 

Naomi was my victim today! Ha ha! We had a lot of fun creating our looks. Contouring played a big part in today's tutorial but because time was limited so we only applied half a face. Being able to apply more heavy handed helped me to relax a little as it didn't matter if it was over the top! I got the opportunity to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter in So Hollywood. It was beautiful!

And Naomi had done me! I thought she had done a great job. Mac lip liner in Heroine is gorgeous!

Another tutorial. Nic applying on Sam.

Day 4: Makeup looks from yesteryear. Sam went through all the different looks from the past with a selection of fabulous books on hand; from Clara Bow to the latest, Kim Kardashian. It was fascinating, hearing how fashion, music, the film industry and also, times of hardship, had a massive influence  on the many looks we're familiar with and admire today.

Elizabeth was my model and I decided on a look based around the 20's-30's era using shadows from the new smoky palette from UD. I think this was best look I created all week as I was much more relaxed here. 

Day 5: Today was a free day to create whatever look you like! Sam and Nic recapped on techniques we struggled with; whether it be brows, eyeliner, anything! I paired up with Elizabeth again. Her features made it a total breeze to work with and we practised applying winged eyeliner and lined lips. 

Time was limited on my last look. So, I just applied on the eyes.

Oh, and we all got given one of these! So, this went straight up on my wall.

Final thoughts: The course was absolutely amazing! I had so much fun and was constantly on a high. Sam, Nic and Amy were incredibly helpful, supportive, and a pleasure to be with. Their knowledge and expertise is exceptional! They were all just so lovely! I learned so much and I didn't want to leave. I couldn't believe I was actually here, as I'd spent so many years watching them on YouTube. I felt  at though I could've spent another week here - a month even - as I could've done with ALOT  more practise. I kind of get the feeling they won't have seen the last of me as I'm only an hour away. Sorry ladies! 

Have you attended the Pixiwoo Course? Is this something you'd like to do?

                                                               Toni. xoxo  


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