Monday, 21 December 2015

Makeup Revolution #Lip Hugs

makeup revolution lip hugs lipsticks

Hello, beauties!

My lipstick collection is quite small in comparison to my eye shadows, as I've bought so many in the past just to discover when I've got home they look absolutely hideous on me! So therefore, have ended up in the bin! Nude shades are normally my go to colour for daywear and evening, as I feel my lips would be screaming attention if I dare wear anything slightly bright.

Lately, I've been feeling that it's about time I'd removed myself from that comfort zone and try some bright shades. I didn't want to spend much for this experiment, so decided to order some lipsticks from bloggers fave Makeup Revolution 

Makeup Revolution is a brand that knocks out releases and offers at such rapid speed, I don't know how they do it. To be able to purchase a lippie that gives a wash of intense; well for me, on trend shades for less than a mug of coffee is always a winner in my view. 

Most shades were on special offer on their website for £1.25, down from £2.50! Cor blimey! What a bargain! Unfortunately, some of the shades were out of stock so I haven't got the full set. There is something for everyone here, and what a great way to try other shades whether you're a makeup newbie or on a budget. Buying cosmetics  as we all know can be expensive. 

At first glance, the bullet so reminded me of the La Creme lipsticks from Too Faced. 

                makeup revolution lip hugs lipsticks

                makeup revolution lip hugs lipsticks

                makeup revolution lip hugs lipsticks nudes

                makeup revolution lip hugs

                makeup revolution lip hugs lipsticks

                makeup revolution lip hugs

                makeup revolution lip hugs

                 makeup revolution lip hugs pinks

               makeup revolution lip hugs reds

               makeup revolution lip hugs reds

Overall thoughts

At first glance, the bullet so reminded me of the La Creme lipsticks from Too Faced. love the shape of these lippies as they hug the lip (hence) and felt quite creamy on the lip. Some of the shades are super bright, so if you love your colours than you'll love these. The formula is lightweight, very creamy and moisturising, with most provided good pigmentation after just one coat; although some do need a little building, but nothing major. Grab, apply, then out the door; Sweet!

The only big downside and an important one, is the longevity of these is maybe not the greatest, which is a real shame, as the colours are so, so lovely, and for once they actually suited me. But hey, I like to think of it as a inexpensive way of trying alternative shades that you would never have tried before. To improve the longevity of the colour, I like to fill my lips with liner. 

Did I discover any faves in the colour range? I sure did! Pretty much all, especially Insatiable. It's a coral shade and a colour that's been knocked off my radar for years, as I thought it looked; dare i say it? Mums-y on me! Although coral shades actually look pretty good on me and used to wear them an awful lot during my younger years . I really think it's about time I wore some colour on my lips. Go on girl! I think what I may do, is try and find a dupe in the higher end; just for longer wearing.

My favourite shade of all is When you came to me, It's such a lovely warm nude. I like to team this up with my Rimmel lip liners in either Tiramisu or Cappuccino. Leave the nudes alone!

Have you tried any lipsticks from Makeup Revolution?

                                                                           Toni xo


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