Monday, 10 September 2018

Discovering SheaMoisture Smooth & Tame Range - a solution to fine, frizzy hair?

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I don’t think my hair has seen this much attention since my younger, poofie hair days of the eighties (the scrunch!) and staggeringly when a little frizz meant no harm - in fact it was embraced. Forward on 30 odd (cough!) years, the volume has long gone and so has the love for the frizz (thank god!).

Luckily, being a blogger comes with its perks, as this year has seen my hair been treated to fair few products to tackle this "poofiness"  (I'm not sure that's even a word) that occurs from the mid length down which refuses to behave itself unless it receives some form of attention - whether that be topically or taking supplements. I was recently offered to try some products from SheaMoisture, a brand I always wanted to try but became another one of those sagas where I never got round to doing.  

If you love the scent of almonds, you are going to love these! After each wash, my hair is left with a lingering almond-y scent! So far, this range has been pretty good for taming my frizzy ends. It’s not perfect and I’ll get into why in a mo, but it has made a difference not only to mine but my daughter’s hair too! Fortunately, there ain't nothing eighties about her curls as they're natural (lucky beggar) but unfortunately, doesn't escape the frizz. Mine on the other hand, possess that horrible wavy curl that's neither one thing nor the other and looks un-brushed. To make matters worse, the roots are as oily as a deep fat fryer and the ends are dry as this year's summer, so, I'm screwed no matter what the weather has in store for the day. I've tried a fair few products to tackle this problem but its proving a challenge to find something that gives an even balance to deal with the worst of BOTH worlds! And to make matters worse - its fine too! I appreciate products alone aren't enough to tackle the problem so I do get regular trims whenever I can.

Enough about my woes... let's get on with the review.


Monday, 3 September 2018

Discovering the Latest "It" Ingredient - Cannabidiol from Skincare Brand - MGC Derma

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When I was contacted by Australian skincare company, MGC Derma, I was a little reluctant to try out these products being as I'm so anti-drugs! I discovered these contained the controversial ingredient cannabis, which at first did give me a bit of a fright. Lol!


Monday, 27 August 2018

Bye, bye Naked Palette...

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Bye, bye Naked Palette. You served your purpose well.
You took those neutrals to the next level and paved the palette trend!

 I didn't use you as much as I should as the palette trend grew so big, you still wowed me with your daytime looks that something began to twig. 

As boring as it may be amongst this crazy world of colour, its crease colours flattered my murky undertone because they're so much duller!

Yes, we've had our troubles, with last four shades not welcoming me at all! And that beautiful shade Sidecar driving me CRAZY with its glitter fall! 

But that didn't stop me feeling sad when UD announced to retire the iconic creature. But I guess it's time to say cheerio now as more shades begin to feature.

I hope you come back bigger and better as I really can't see this being the end. There's rumours of a Naked Remastered on the horizon and a Naked Cherry as well.

naked palette, urban decay, eyeshadow palette, makeup, eulogy,

Do share your memories down below!

Toni. xoxo 

Friday, 24 August 2018

Gold Collagen Hydrogel Mask - Review. Was it more than just my usual sheet mask?

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The sheet mask trend was never one I took seriously! And only ever use them for cooling and hydration purposes or for a quick laugh with the kids by sporting those animal themed ones (yep! We’ve all worn the tiger one at some point!) So, because of that, the thought of forking out for one no more than a few quid never crossed my mind.

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